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ReviewTeam 20121114

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In Attendance: Andreas Jaeger, Dominique Leuenberger, Craig Gardner, Marcus Rueckert, Ruediger Oertel

Brief discussion of past successes. Having the team organized is a great success. ML is particularly useful and the cause of more effective reviewing.

Craig mentioned one particular case where Dominique had handled a potential conflict very professionally. This kind of attitude and behavior leads to more success and more trust with the community.

We had an agenda item to discuss current troubles with reviews. No one could think of anything worth mentioning. Everyone feels that the review process is running much more smoothly with this newly formed, formal team.

A.J. mentioned that sometimes the queue gets really large. But normally the team manages to reduce the size of the queue when that happens. The queue doesn't stay backed up for very long.

A.J.'s observation lead us to talk about how we can be notified when the queue gets big or too old. We'll implement a monitoring and notification system to alert us when the queue is too big or some submission is too old. And a charting system posted on the wiki would be cool and helpful, too.

(Action Item: Craig and Darix to identify the best way to do this; then assign bits of the work to others on the team.)

Guidelines Team and the guidelines that they produce. The Guidelines Team needs to clearly communicate to the community (and to this team) what the guidelines are. The more clear they rules and guidelines, the easier it is for the Review Team to accept and decline submissions, and the easier it is for the community to understand why submissions are declined.

Darix has been working with }-Tux-{ to put some standard options (as a menu) for declining into osc. We should likewise get the same options into the webui.

Members of our team need to stay aware of the Guidelines [1] and do the reviews faithfully according to the Guidelines.

Future team meetings. Darix has recommended that we use a service over IP rather than hold the conf call over the phone. A.J. had originally proposed that we try something like this -- video conference -- back when we started the team, but it didn't quite work out. However, we're going to give it another try, at least this time with simple audio.

Instruction for installing mumble and using it for our next conf call will be sent to the team later.

We'll continue to use to poll for team meetings.

Sascha suggested that we use something like etherpad to collaborate on notes and action items during team meeting. We'll give it a try. Darix has provided We'll use the format of "ReviewTeam_datestamp" such as

[0] This page