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I am working for SUSE since 2002.

My current role is Technical Project Manager Security.

For openSUSE I am part of (the security team) that is taking care of security, and I am also part of the Maintenance Team.

I also maintain some packages, notably the Wine and gphoto ones.

If you are curious, you can find me on facebook, twitter, flickr, xing, linkedin, github, sourceforge etc.

My GPG key is:

pub   rsa4096/0x2209D6902F969C95 2015-01-12 [SC]
  Schl.-Fingerabdruck = 7C4A FD61 D8AA E757 0796  A517 2209 D690 2F96 9C95
uid                [ ultimativ ] Marcus Meißner (german spelling) <>
uid                [ ultimativ ] Marcus Meissner (SUSE) <>
uid                [ ultimativ ] Marcus Meissner (SUSE) <>
sub   rsa4096/0x9889B3EAF58CA51C 2015-01-12 [E]