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openSUSE:Packaging guidelines change process

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The packaging guidelines regulate all the nitty gritty details of packaging for the openSUSE distribution and this page documents how to change the guidelines.

Process for changing the packaging guidelines

For changing of the packaging policies, we will use the following simple process:

Changing of packaging policy:

  • send an email to the opensuse-packaging mailing list with a proposal for change. Add to the subject the tag "RFC: Guidelines change"
  • discuss the change
  • if the change gets accepted by packagers and reviewers, update the wiki pages. Acceptance means: No strong objections within 14 days of the postings.
  • if the change can be algorithmically enforced, a rpmlint check is proposed.
  • the packaging guidelines team will send a monthly email to opensuse-announce and opensuse-packaging mailing lists to announce changes to the policy (only if there are changes to be announced)
  • the packaging guidelines team will support the process and make a decision in case of conflicts.

Package Guidelines ToDos

  • Review and improve the package guidelines. Some details:
    • Each page should have a
      [[Category:Packaging documentation]]
      if it is part of the guidelines.
    • There are empty sections on the main packaging guidelines page.
  • Monthly announcement of changes
  • AI mvyskocil: rewrite the Shared Library Policy to be easier to readable and follow - see User:Mvyskocil/Shared_library_packaging_policy for the proposal.

Team members

The packaging guidelines team currently consists of

You can reach them via mail on the: