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Packaging Rustlang

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How to package the Rust compiler for openSUSE Build Service.

Packaging the Rust compiler

Rust 1.54 and later


  • Create a new package of the next version in devel:languages:rust (i.e. rust1.55)
  • Copy from the previous version, rust1.54.spec, rust1.54-rpmlintrc, README.suse-maint, ignore-Wstring-conversion.patch, _constraints, _service, rust.keyring
  • Rename the files with versions to the new version
  • Edit the .spec to correct the versions at the header
  • Check and set the required LLVM version requirement
  • run osc service ra
  • run osc vc to create changes
  • run osc build
  • submit to d:l:r and forward to openSUSE:Factory
  • Once versioned is accepted, check out rust
  • Update the version header in .spec
  • osc build and sr