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Details about the Rust programming language in OpenSUSE

For Software Developers

For Rust development on openSUSE the preferred method to install rust is via rustup. rustup is the Rust language's tool for managing your local Rust environment. It allows multiple parallel versions of rust to be installed, updated and maintained, as well as providing a large number of extra tools helpful to developers.

For more details you can see the extended rustup documentation

You can install the rustup tool in two ways:


zypper in rustup 
rustup toolchain install stable 


curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf | sh

Packaging Software Written in Rust

See the detailed packaging guide: Packaging Rust Software

To help improve OBS/IBS performance, you may also wish to Enable sccache for improving rebuild times

Packaging the Rust Compiler

See the detailed guide: Packaging Rustlang

Rust in OpenSUSE Survey Results

September 2021

Analysis - maintainer writeup

Report from rust survey - combined partial and full results

Full report from the rust survey - fully complete results