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openSUSE:Packaging wxWidgets

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The Packaging wxWidgets is a step by step introduction on how to build software packages of applications and libraries using wxWidgets for openSUSE and others using the openSUSE Build Service.

There are currently (as of February 2017) no special instructions for using wxWidgets.

  • The now-old wxWidgets 2.8—along with the ugly hacks in our specfiles—has been dropped from openSUSE:Factory. The current generation is 3.x. Use BuildRequires: wxWidgets-devel if you do not care about the particular version. To depend on a minimal version, use wxWidgets-devel >= 3, because names like wxWidgets-3_0-devel will change over time.
  • The openSUSE wxWidgets is built in Unicode and STL mode. This is the recommended upstream mode. If your wx-using code fails to compile, that is usually because it sucks at strings. The use of wxString::c_str and wxChar[] is an indicator of this. Talk to the upstream authors of the end-user program to rectify it. An alternative solution is to use the nostl version of wxWidgets.
  • ABI stability in C++ is hard. Therefore, the openSUSE wxWidgets libraries are tagged with some extra identifiers which prevents most cases of accidental mixing of openSUSE libraries with programs built by 3rd-party programs, and likewise mixing of 3rd-party built libraries with programs built on openSUSE.