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openSUSE:Medical packaging guidelines

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I propose that we give an announcement on the opensuse-medical List, if we're beginning to package an Software. So everyone knows, that this Package is Work in Progress. We're building new Programs in our home:name Repository from openSUSE BuildService. If we have trouble with Packaging, we can consult the opensuse-packaging List. Then we install our Package local and run it. If all are o.k. we make an Link to our Repository medical/. This we can do through going in the OBS to the medical Repo and klick on "Link Package from another Project". Then we fill the first line with the Projects Name e.g. home:saigkill (in my Case) and fill in the second line the Packagename. So if you update an Package local in your home Repo, the medical Repo is updated too.

The full URL is:$OperatingSystem .

After adding the Package into our Repo, we add our Package in:

After that we can Publish this into our Medical News. And we send an announcement to our list. If you are a new Packager you can learn about packaging for the openSUSE distribution on Portal:Packaging.

For Desktop Applications we use inside the *.desktop File: