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openSUSE Medical team is proud to present openSUSE Medical DVD based on openSUSE 11.3. We supporting at the Moment ISO Files and VirtualBox/VMWare Images. This release includes carefully selected softwares for doctors practice, clinical enviroment and medical students. The software selection encompasses everything required to make computers productive for either home or medical use.

This distribution includes LAMP (LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) that is needed for developing or hosting PHP websites and all other major development tools.

The aim of this DVD is to provide complete resources for medical doctors, clinics and medical students as well as IT admins running labs at educational institutes, if you think there is something missing that you absolutely must have on the DVD, drop us a Feature Request in openFATE. Just choose the Product "openSUSE Medical".
If you like our Appliance, just add yourself on our Ohloh Page


See Screenshots page for official 11.3 Screenshots.
See Portal page for program Screenshots.


Note: Some packages may be removed due to major bugs.

Medical Desktop Apps

To see which Desktop Packages are included, just see our Desktop Applications Page
All Desktop Apps are available in Menu/education/Science/.

Medical Server Apps

To see which Server Apps are included, just see our Server Applications Page.

And a lot more

You can see there a full List of our Packages:

User accounts and passwords

We have prepared the following Useraccount in our DVD:

Account: root
Password: linux

Account: tux
Password: linux


Check out /usr/share/doc, /usr/share/doc/packages and /usr/share/man for more Documentations.


Minimum System Requirement

Any PC or a Virtual Machine with 512M RAM. PC should have a DVD drive or should be USB boot capable.

Known issues

Send Feature Request

Request a Feature at openFATE.

Report Bugs

Report here


You can ask Questions of the Mailinglist who is visible in the Teampage.