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openSUSE:Medical server applications

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This is a collection of programs for Medical use. All Programs in this list are already part of the openSUSE Distribution or available in the build service.

Please use the Project or Package Name to add packages here. Create the Name as Link to the external Project homepage. Give a short summary after the name and then explain, why this package is useful in an medical environment. Add links to tutorials at the end of your list item. Since this is an all volunteer project there are items in the repositories that are not listed here please take some time to use and review them as well. This will help correct this problem.

If we are missing some application, feel free to add a link and a short introduction on the Wishlist.

Server applications

Adding "normal" server applications like DHCP-, File- or Webserver seams to be needless here. So we add just some packages with their descriptions which can be usefull beside the "normal" applications.

Packagename (link points to full description) Description

Web applications

These packages need a webserver and a database in the majority of cases.

Packagename (link points to full description) Description
Freemed FreeMED is an opensource electronic medical record and practice management system which has been developed since 1999. PHP based EMR.
openEMR This is for Open Source Practice Management, Electronic Medical Record, Prescription Writing and Medical Billing application.