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openSUSE:KDE RPM Macros

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The RPM macros for KDE packages.

KDE macros


It's a generic macro that should be called as the last non-trivial step in the %install section of the spec file in order to be able to hook in generic clean up and fix functionality that might be needed for a wide range of packages.

KDE4 macros


Adds a Requires: kdebase4-runtime >= %_kde_platform_version dependency to the package.


Adds a Requires: kdepimlibs4 >= %_kde_pimlibs_version dependency to the package.


This macro calls cmake with the right parameters to build openSUSE KDE4 compatible packages. If you pass a -d <directory> option also inititate an out of tree build. Compiling outside of the source tree is strongly recommended. Ex: %cmake_kde4 -d builddir will create builddir which is where the cmake configure and make files will go along with the actual compilation.

For passing arbitrary arguments, this syntax is needed: