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Welcome to the Arm Portal edit

Most all of the usual openSUSE distribution (>6000 packages) builds and runs on all the Arm hardware we have tested it on so far.

Thanks to OBS we can cross build and if need be cross compile packages for numerous architectures (Arm included) which speeds up our efforts significantly.

Currently we target armv6l/armv6hl (hard floating point, for armv6), armv7l/armv7hl (hard floating point with aapcs-linux ABI, for armv7) and AArch64 (armv8, ARM 64-bit). If you have knowledge and experience, please help out. If you don't take part you have no justification to complain - you've got to be in it to win it ;-)

Feel free to join the openSUSE Arm mailing list as well as the #openSUSE-arm IRC channel for questions or help. We are also actively looking for people to enable hardware we don't support yet. If you have an armv7 or armv8 based device that doesn't work yet and are willing to spend some time to get it working with openSUSE, please contact us on the mailing list.

There is also always room for improvement on the package building side of things. You can check out Factory build failures to see what packages need some love. If you think you can help out, please try and fix something that doesn't work and submitrequest the change to devel projects. Help is very much welcome!

If you'd like to enable a board that is not listed below or improve others, check out our ARM Contrib program that allows for non-upstream supported systems to get openSUSE support.

Building packages locally via osc or even manually to test is not difficult thanks to QEMU. We recommend to use openSUSE 13.2 as your base build OS as it contains the latest tool set to run Arm binaries.

Working on platform support without hardware is not possible. Genesi is helping the porting effort by donating EFIKA MX machines to five developers, making native compilation possible, also making the EFIKA MX the first supported machine by openSUSE Arm.

Thanks and here's to getting our Geeko some Arms.

Things to do edit

Todo items can be found on our Trello board