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How to work on openSUSE:Factory:ARM

The openSUSE Build Service hosts a shadow project of openSUSE:Factory which builds all sources for ARM architectures.

We support 3 binary architectures:

  • aarch64 which is the new 64-bit architecture
  • armv7l/armv7hl with hardware floating point
  • armv6l/armv6hl with hardware floating point

Currently all packages are built on native hardware on the server. But you can still build it via qemu using osc. For that you need to build it against the qemu repository.

For example to fix the package hello run the following commands:

osc bco openSUSE:Factory hello
cd home:<username>:branches:<branched base project name>/hello

Then fix the stuff, produce a test build, and submit it to the Build Service. NOTE: the local build works only on arm hardware or on x86_64 systems (using qemu-linux-user):

osc build --alternative-project=openSUSE:Factory:ARM qemu armv7l hello.spec
osc vc         # to comment your change to the end user
osc ci         # checkin your stuff
osc sr         # submit it to the devel project which will forward it to factory

Main Problems

To see what is not building, click on the monitor page.

To fix a package, submit it to the standard openSUSE:Factory project because openSUSE:Factory:ARM links against it and uses all sources from there.