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Warning: This has not been fully tested yet. Wayland is probably better supported than X. Please share your tests on opensuse-arm mailing list or on IRC.

Upstream software, aka Lima/Panfrost

Kernel modules

Kernel modules are included from kernel 5.2+. But only few boards have GPU enabled in the device tree.

  • Lima supports Utgard Mali GPU: Mali-400 / Mali-450 GPU
  • Panfrost supports Bifrost and Midgard Mali GPU: Mali-Gxx GPU and Mali-T6xx / Mali-T7xx / Mali-T8xx GPU


For user-space, you need Mesa 19.2+ (19.1.x is not very stable nor usable for lima/panfrost).
Mesa 19.2 panfrost supports Mali T760, T820 and T860, which are found on RK3288, RK3399, and S912 SoC. If you try to run it on an unsupported Mali version, you will get panfrost: Unsupported model %X error message.
You can install some test binaries to try it, such as kmscube, glmark2, Mesa-demo or Mesa-demo-x.

Downstream software

Kernel modules

Mali kernel packages are available in devel:ARM:Factory:Contrib:Mali:

  • mali-bifrost-kmp: Mali-Gxx GPU kernel modules
  • mali-midgard-kmp: Mali-T6xx / Mali-T7xx / Mali-T8xx GPU kernel modules
  • mali-utgard-kmp: Mali-400 / Mali-450 GPU kernel modules

You will need to update your device tree to enable it. For details, see driver/product/kernel/Documentation/devicetree/bindings/* files in packages sources: devel:ARM:Factory:Contrib:Mali

Binary user-space

See to download and install binaries libraries which depends on your board.

See also