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This article decribes how to install openSUSE from inside Windows without configuring the BIOS.

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Instlux is a Microsoft Windows program which can prepare an installation of openSUSE. By using instlux, there is no need to configure boot order of BIOS which might be annoying you.

Instlux can:

  • Install without CD/DVD media/drive: openSUSE can be installed without downloading/burning CD/DVD media. Drive is also not needed anymore. Everything you should download in Windows is Instlux.
  • Install any version of openSUSE: Instlux can install any version of openSUSE, including Portal:Tumbleweed.
  • (upcoming version only) Install to virtualized environment: Instlux can prepare a virtual machine and setup openSUSE media in it.

Instlux takes care of preparing installation. In detail:

  • While installing to the real (non-virtualized) enviroment:
    • Download kernel and initrd file of the selected version.
    • Modify the Windows bootloader settings to boot from them.
    • After installation, restore the Windows bootloader settings (because these are not required to boot installed openSUSE).
    • After installation, uninstall instlux itself (remove kernel and initrd, because these are required only for installation).
  • While installing to the virtualized enviroment:
    • Download network install CD image.
    • Download and install virtualization software if needed.
    • Create a virtual machine (VM).
    • Insert the CD image to the virtual machine.
    • Start the virtual machine.

Instlux supports these languages (more translations are welcome):

  • English
  • Japanese


In order to run instlux, these requirements should be met:

  • Microsoft Windows must be installed.
  • Windows' version should be 95 or later (Windows 95/98/Me/NT 3.5/NT 3.51/NT 4.0/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10).
  • If you want to create a virtual machine:
    • Windows XP/Server 2003 or later is required for VirtualBox.
    • Windows 8.1/Server 2012 or later is required for Hyper-V.
  • UEFI must be disabled if hardware supports it.

How to use


Installation of openSUSE

To do installation:

  • Run openSUSE_installer.exe from explorer.
  • Select your language from drop-down list.
  • Select version, architecture, and environment (real (not-virtualized) environment or virtualized environment) which you want to install.
  • Wait for moment.
  • If you selected a real environment:
    • Reboot your computer as requested.
    • Select openSUSE installer while booting.
    • Install openSUSE as usual. But please be careful, do not delete Windows partition, do resize instead.
    • After completing installation, you can enjoy openSUSE and Windows within one computer (dual-boot).
  • If you selected a virtualized environment:
    • Instlux creates and starts a virtual machine. openSUSE can be installed as usual.

Clean-up instlux (if you selected a real environment):

  • Reboot or boot Windows again.
  • After logging in, you are prompted to uninstall instlux. Proceed as requested.
  • Instlux will be uninstalled.


Source code

Instlux was based on Marc Herbert's web page and was started as a project on October 2005. It is currently rewrited and hosted on github.

Licensing doubt

There are some licensing doubts for compiling/using Windows application in Linux.

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