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openSUSE project @ FOSDEM 2009

The ninth Free and Open source Software Developers' European Meeting (commonly known as FOSDEM) takes place during the first week-end (7&8) of February 2009 in the city of Brussels, Belgium. It's an annual 2-day event hosting talks, tutorials, and booth for the free software/open source community. It is organized by volunteers at the Université Libre de Bruxelles in Belgium. Access to all parts of FOSDEM is free of charge (but donations and sponsors are welcome to help fund the event).

The openSUSE project will participate at FOSDEM with the openSUSE 'DevRoom' (Developer Room) and a small booth. We try to record again all talks. This year we are in the same devroom we had last year on the second day, aka the openSUSE sauna, H.2214 (upstairs).

Talks from the openSUSE DevRoom

Saturday, February 7th

Time Topic Description Presenter Media
13:00 Welcome - openSUSE Another year, another FOSDEM. The talk will give you a short overview what happened in the last year, what we archived within the openSUSE project. Martin Lasarsch

slides Video.png Video.png

13:15 Who can you trust? The openSUSE build service (obs) offers everyone the opportunity to

build packages for many Linux distributions with relatively little effort. Hence the amount of available versions and variants per package is comparatively high. Therefore we need a powerful but also simple instrument to evaluate these packages, which are immediately available at the openSUSE software portal. A first approach will be an individual rating of developers working with obs.

Marko Jung

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13:45 openSUSE community This talk gives you an overview about the openSUSE community.

What we have, what we need. It also covers some topics from the mailinglists, like Weekly-news i18n. Plans for language specific news.o.o, why i18n is important for us. The Talk will also have short overview about the upcoming openSUSE spokesperson program.

Dinar Valeev

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14:30 openSUSE Build Service overview Introduction into the openSUSE Build Service, why it was created, what are the goals it wants to achieve and a brief overview about its components. Adrian Schröter

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14:45 Collaboration in the openSUSE Build Service This talk explains how to use the Collaboration features of

the openSUSE Build Service. Its based on two openSUSE repositories that use them: openSUSE:Factory:Contrib and openSUSE:Factory

Henne Vogelsang

Slides Video.png Video.png

15:30 Putting Cross Development Support into OBS The Cross Development in OBS feature is now integrated into normal OBS

development. It allows you to build, test, run applications for other processor architectures using a combination of emulators and crossbuild. Emulators are already a normal part of OBS. An analysis has been made of the different ways to implement Cross Build to result in better interoperability with existing linux distributions for other architectures. The goal was to implement Cross Development as an orthogonal feature, and to glueless implement openSUSE, Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu for embedded architektures like ARM, sh4, mips in the same way as is done already by OBS for x86 and powerpc architectures.

Martin Mohring

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16:15 Create your own Linux Distribution This talk will explain briefly how you create your own openSUSE based Linux distribution installation media and Live media with the openSUSE Build Service. It includes a brief introduction to kiwi-instsource (which was presented as an outlook last year) and the way we define products; how the buildservice creates an installation source from that. Jan-Christoph Bornschlegel

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17:00 Creating customized openSUSE versions with SUSE Studio SUSE Studio is a new web application to build openSUSE based appliances. It

provides an easy to use interface to quickly create images for live CDs, bootable USB sticks and VMware. It's also possible to conveniently customize software selection, configuration and theming of the appliances. Third party software may be integrated through coupling with the openSUSE Build Service. Studio's testdrive feature allows users to run the appliance via the web interface for testing and further configuration.

Cornelius Schumacher

Daniel Bornkessel

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17:45 Legal aspects of distribution development Every community distributions have to deal with legal issues. The talk shows what kind of pitfalls we have in our daily distribution work and how to solve them. This will only work with the upstream developers of the projects and most of the work will be done for every distribution again. Jürgen Weigert Slides

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18:15 Apport - Automatic Application Crash Reporting for openSUSE ApportApport is an automatic application crash reporting system. Many

application crashes remain unreported due to different reasons.

Jan Blunck


19:00 End

Sunday, February 8th

Time Topic Description Presenter Slides
10:00 openSUSE education The openSUSE education project has the goal is to support schools using openSUSE, create and describe additional software-packages for educational projects and create an "add-on" CD for the regular openSUSE distribution. The talk gives you an overview about the project, where we are now and what has to be done Lars Vogdt,

Andrea Florio


Video.png Video.png

10:45 Zypper - openSUSE's command line software manager Zypper is a command line software management tool using the ZYpp

library. It can be used to manage repositories, search for packages, install them, keep them up to date and more. This talk will highlight it's most interesting features, tips & tricks, and future plans.

Ján Kupec Slides

Video.png Video.png

11:15 Wine - the free Windows Emulator After 15 years of development Wine, the free Windows Emulator,

has reached the level of completeness a 1.0 release, allowing users to now run a broad spectrum of applications between Office productivity applications, Games or speciality applications. This talk will give an introduction on how Wine works, what is possible and how it all works together, why it is not slower, why emulating only the runtime environment is to a distinct advantage compared to virtual machines.

Marcus Meissner Slides

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12:00 MirrorBrain - Content Delivery for Free Software Projects The topic is a rationale how more collaboration between content providers and mirror operators would be highly useful. The talk leaves technical matters in the background and rather attempts to make the big picture visible. It is sort of a vision of a "Free Content Delivery Network for Free Software" that we could build. Peter Poeml

PDF Video.png Video.png

12:45 openSUSE on Netbooks Everybody loves Netbooks, so why don't use your favorite Linux distribution on it.

The talks shows what the pitfalls and limitations are and how to get openSUSE working on Netbooks.

Stefan Seyfried

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13:30 YaST2 - Future Roadmap In openSUSE 11.0 YaST came out with new features like a themable look

and a robust & fast package manager. 11.1 came out with more robust solving and various minor features. In this talk we will present all the features that have high priority for the next openSUSE release and areas where we are doing research that will eventually be features in future versions.

Duncan Mac-Vicar P. Slides

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14:15 openFATE - How to get your most wanted features into openSUSE openSUSE opens the feature tracking process to the community.

In the past, only Novell employees had access to the feature database where all features of upcoming products are tracked. Now the community can participate in the feature tracking process by requesting new features, browse existing features and contributing to them. We launched the openFATE web application ( shortly before FOSDEM. The talk shows how it works and explains how incoming feature requests will be handled.

Thomas Schmidt Slides

Video.png Video.png

14:45 Architecture of Collaboration This session will focus on the “Architecture of Collaboration” implemented

in the Kablink Open Collaboration project. See how the Kablink platform allows you to build applications that solve problems while encouraging collaboration among your team members. During this session an application will be developed that takes advantage of the social networking features of Kablink while solving a common teamworking problem.

Brent McConnell

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15:30 Bits from your GNOME team (with build service fun inside!) At the last FOSDEM, JP Rosevear gave a good overview of what was going

on the GNOME land of openSUSE. It turns out that since then, many things have happened and 2008 helped the team achieve a lot. This talk will present some interesting technical changes on your desktop and how it affects the while distribution, but will also focus on the GNOME team and its processes, like for example our use of the build service.

Vincent Untz Slides

Video.png Video.png

16:15 Putting the 'open' in openSUSE : Community-driven KDE development The KDE team plays a central part in making openSUSE a community driven

project. In this talk, the KDE team presents how it works with the community to introduce the new KDE 4 desktop to the distribution so that it meets users' needs. Recent developments in KDE and the measures taken to smooth the transition from KDE 3 are shown.

Will Stephenson Slides

Video.png Video.png

17:00 End

Other talks outside the openSUSE devroom

when where who what descripton Slides
14:00 - Saturday Main Room "Janson" Joe Brockmeier openSUSE ODP


Who will be there?

who account/nick when what* hotel
Martin Lasarsch mlasars/notlocalhorst 6-8 openSUSE organizer SUSE
Vincent Untz vuntz/vuntz 6-8 Talk, helping here and there TBD (SUSE?)
Andrew Wafaa awafaa/FunkyPenguin 5-9 Booth, Face 2 Face @ FOSDEM Interviews, Guerilla Marketing Family
Andrea Florio anubisg1 6-9 Talk on February 8 and to have lot of fun
Wolfgang Rosenauer wolfiR 6-8 mainly Mozilla, sorry Novotel Tour Noire
Lars Vogdt lrupp/kl_eisbaer 6-8 all about openSUSE-Education on Client and Server side: presentation on Sunday, hanging around at booth Holiday Inn, City Centre
Marcus Meissner _Marcus_ 6-8 Talk, hanging around at booth, GPG key signing possible (bring valid ID and fingerprint), Digital Camera debugging SUSE
Pascal Bleser pbleser/yaloki 6-8 Busy organising FOSDEM :) Novotel Grand Place
Kálmán Kéménczy kkemenczy 6-8 mainly Mozilla and openSUSE if needed Novotel Tour Noire
Mathieu Cadet mcadet 7-8 Attending talks - Hanging around at booth TBD
Marcus Moeller mmoeller 7-8 Hanging around at booth Novotel Grand Place
Jan-Simon Möller dl9pf 6-8 Booth, Cross-OBS-Talk, openSUSE Weekly Newsletter, helping here and there B&B
Dinar Valeev k0da 6-8 openSUSE Community talk Brussels&Schuman
Emmanuel MACE emace/xmace 7-8 Attending talks - Hanging around at booth TBD
Vincent Steenhoute vsteenhoute/civ75 7-8 Attending talks - Hanging around at booth TBD
Maximus Menguales mmengual/maximus_menguales 7-8 Attending talks - Hanging around at booth TBD
Joop Boonen worldcitizen 7-8 Mainly attending talks - Hanging around the booth - helping if needed @Home/ Drive back and forth

* like helping on booth, give a presentation general/openSUSE

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