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About Me edit

My name is Lars Vogdt (formerly Rupp - yes, I've married on 2006-12-29!) and I work for SUSE in Nuremberg as team lead of the BuildOPS team.

My hometown is a small village near Seesen - in the Harz mountains.

What I do for openSUSE

  • providing the OBS infrastructure for SUSE Engineering and Innovation in our offices around the world
  • helping packagers with their packages (and sometimes reviewing them)
  • maintaining my own packages (osc my pkg | wc -l > 800 :-)
  • being part of the Heroes team
  • German translations, documentation and other stuff at various places

My (openSUSE) CV

I've studied German and History to become a teacher - but never finished (puh ;-). But in my hands-on trainings I often checked the computer rooms in schools and most of them were (and are!) unusable. So I decided to create a school server - and joined an existing team named GEE-Server, they used a S.u.S.E. Linux 6.3, Webmin and some special scripts to create an "easy-to-go" server for schools. We implement some additional features and provided updates until 2006. I went to SuSE, when the management decided to create a school server in partnership with the City Fürth in 2003. This product was sadly outsourced in 2005/2006 - and became the Open School Server, supported by Extis. It is still available and runs in many, many schools in Europe.

As my wife is a teacher on a secondary school, I help her with the computers in her school, as a matter of course - and migrated her first school completely to openSUSE (2 Terminal-Servers, 50 Clients, 300 people).

I think my most visible contribution to openSUSE was the Education Project. This included packaging, writing documentation, hosting and maintaining/developing the infrastructure behind it. As I had not enough time any longer, I decided to abandon the Education project - with the result that the whole project drifted apart. I'm still sad about that. But I also hope to find time (again) in the future to restart the Education project and overhaul the setup.

I'm still a member of the openSUSE Admin Team - and there is always enough work to do.

Real life hobbies

Yes, I still have some ;-)

I learned diving (CMAS) during my study. I'm also a trained lifeguard (I earned money as student with this -- and Truck driving ;-) Wind- and Kite surfer and liked driving my motorcycle. Other hobbies are music (keyboard, guitar), small (electric) handicraft works, photography, reading books, cooking, having fun with my friends...

But the major hobby since the last years: my wife and my two kids!

Contact edit


How you can reach me