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About Me edit

I introduce myself


Project where I'm involved in

I'm Involved in some projects:

  • I'm proud to be an'openSUSE member
  • I'm an Education Team member (Administrator)
  • I'm the openSUSE-LXDE project administrator
  • I'm also an Translators Coordinators of OpenSUSE since 11.0;
  • I'm a member of Packman packagers team;
  • I maintain a personal repository on OBS
  • I'm one of the official maintainers of repository Education.

GPG Keys

Because of some particular needs i have 2 different GPG Keys:

Name:                                   Andrea Florio (OpenSUSE Member) (
ID:                                         0xB4C53EE8
Fingerprint:                           F1EE 8DF1 79F1 098B A008 7230 C826 53F3 B4C5 3EE8
Name:                                   Andrea Florio (Packman Team) (
ID:                                         0xD3E8770B
Fingerprint:                           DEA6 CE2B F282 9992 2B09 D596 BC27 F269 D3E8 770B

My jobs and Real life

Work in progress...