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openSUSE:Zypper versions

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Icon-obsolete.png This article or section refers to the version '1.9.1' and it is now obsolete!
Please refer to this article's discussion page for more information.
Here you can find the Zypper documentation available in this wiki for each openSUSE version.

Current versions

Version: Factory

  • zypper 1.9.0

Version: Tumbleweed

  • zypper 1.9.1 FIXME: maybe the same of "Current/12.3"? Since 1.9.1 currently is from zypp:HEAD repo

Version: Leap 42.1

  • zypper ???

Version: 12.3

  • zypper 1.8.11

Version: 12.2

Older versions

Version: 12.1

  • zypper 1.6.16

Version: 11.4

  • zypper 1.5.3

Version: 11.3

Version: 11.2

Version: 11.1

Version: 11.0