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This article describes new features and changes in Zypper since openSUSE 11.1 until openSUSE 11.2

New features

  • zypper configuration file - you can permanently change zypper's behavior now in ~/zypper.conf or /etc/zypp/zypper.conf (and you can request new options to add to that file)
  • colors in zypper's output. Error are red, warnings yellow, all configurable in zypper.conf.
  • ps command to show processes that use files deleted by recent package upgrades or removal
  • install updates to specific issues (note: this works only with update repositories providing patches with the bugzilla or CVE info, like official openSUSE updates)
    • list-updates has new --bugzilla, --cve, --issues, --all options
    • patch has --bugzilla, --cve options
  • dup has new --from option which restricts the distribution upgrade to packages from the specified repository while considering also the other repositories for satisfying dependencies (added in 1.2.8)
  • new Download-and-install modes: in install, update, verify, dup, and patch commands, you can use one of only, in-advance, as-needed (default) modes via new --download* option(s). See zypper's man page (the install command) for more details. (added in 1.2.12, the '--download-only' option added already in 1.2.2)
  • update notifications from packages (fate 301175) - zypper now shows a list of packages which wrote notifications, and offers to view them in pager. (added in 1.2.11)
  • --gpg-auto-import-keys global option added - useful for scripting when you know which keys you import. (added in 1.2.11)
  • --with-interactive option added to patch command to avoid skipping installation of patches marked as 'interactive' when in '--non-interactive' mode. (added in 1.2.11)
  • package type prefix in the install command arguments: you can now specify arguments like this: pattern:lamp_server. (added in 1.2.15)


  • improved installation summary. The 'Continue?' prompt after showing the installation summary now offers additional view options enabling you to view the summary in pager, view package versions, repositories, vendors, and architectures. Enter '?' to list them all. Since 1.2.11 zypper also lists recommended and suggested packages in the summary.
  • repos now can take multiple repository arguments. If specified, it shows detailed information about specified repositories. Otherwise just shows the usual repo list.
  • modifyrepo now can take multiple repository arguments

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