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Archive:Zypper changes 11.0

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This article describes new features and changes in Zypper since openSUSE 10.3 until 11.0

New features

  • zypper verify to check for broken hard dependencies
  • zypper install/remove now supports:
    • wildcards (zypper in yast*, zypper in *zypp*)
    • versions (zypper in foo-1.2.3 or foo=1.2.3 or foo>1.3.0 (beware of bash! \>))
    • removal while installing and installation while removing: e.g. zypper in foo -bar, zypper rm foo +bar
    • automatic fallback to search by capabilities if the specified package could not be found by name
  • zypper install additionally supports:
    • installation of plain RPM files while satisfying dependencies from repositories (zypper in foo.rpm, zypper in
    • --force option (install only) to force reinstallation of an already installed package
    • per-package forcing of repository (zypper in <repo_alias>:packagename)
  • zypper source-install is now able to install also build dependencies
  • repository number, alias, or base URI can be used to specify a repository wherever a repository is expected
  • --no-recommends option for in/rm/up/dup/ve/si commands to avoid installation of recommended packages (weak dependencies) to install only required stuff
  • --dry-run option for in/rm/up/dup/ve/si commands to only simulate the installation (--keep-packages comes handy here then if you want to actually install the stuff and avoid downloading it again).
  • --force-resolution and --no-force-resolution option for in/rm/up commands to change the default value forced solver mode.
  • zypper source-install is now able to install also build dependencies of specified source packages
  • New options in zypper repos:
    • -u, --uri
    • -p, --priority
    • -d, --details
    • -U, --sort-by-uri
    • -P, --sort-by-priority
    • -A, --sort-by-alias
    • -N, --sort-by-name
  • zypper addrepo can accept a .repo file URI as a single argument (no need for -r option)
  • New options in zypper addrepo:
    • -c, --check
    • -C, --no-check
    • -n, --name
    • -k, --keep-packages
    • -K, --no-keep-packages
  • New options in zypper modifyrepo:
    • -n, --name
    • -p, --priority <positive-integer>
    • -k, --keep-packages
    • -K, --no-keep-packages
    • -a, --all
    • -l, --local
    • -t, --remote
    • -m, --medium-type <type>
  • zypper removerepo now accepts multiple arguments
  • zypper clean to clean zypp caches for specified repos (rpm package cache by default):
    • -m, --metadata Clean metadata cache.
    • -M, --raw-metadata Clean raw metadata cache.
    • -a, --all Clean both metadata and package caches.
  • zypper dist-upgrade using a spacial upgrade algorithm able to deal with package splits, unmaintained packages, etc. This is the same algorithm YaST uses for upgrade.
  • zypper install-new-recommends (inr) to install newly added recommended packages for those already installed. This will give you drivers for newly added hardware, or new language packages, etc.
  • zypper dist-upgrade (dup) also take these new recommends into account.
  • zypper update allows update of individual patches/packages
  • package locks handling:
    • locks
    • addlock
    • removelock
  • new global options:
    • --no-abbrev, -A Do not abbreviate text in tables.
    • --xmlout, -x Switch to XML output.
    • --reposd-dir, -D <dir> Use alternative repository definition files directory.
    • --cache-dir, -C <dir> Use alternative meta-data cache database directory.
    • --raw-cache-dir <dir> Use alternative raw meta-data cache directory.
    • --plus-repo, -p <URI> Use an additional temporary repository.
    • --disable-repositories Do not read meta-data from repositories.
    • --no-refresh Do not refresh the repositories.
    • --disable-system-resolvables Do not read installed resolvables.
  • a bunch of rug compatibility added, including these new query commands:
    • packages - lists all packages in given repos
    • patterns - all patterns in given repos
    • products - all products in given repos
  • zypper what-provides to list packages providing specified capability
  • bash completion for option and command names (Marek Stopka)
  • download rate for rpm downloads (and for all files in verbose mode)


  • zypper addrepo disables the auto-refresh for the newly added repository by default. To enable the auto-refresh later you have to use zypper modifyrepo --refresh <alias|#|URI>. --no-refresh option has been dropped.
  • zypper search now groups the packages by name and type and displays package summary rather than version and repository. A detailed list of all available versions can be obtained using --details/-s option.
  • zypper repos: -u command option is now used to add URI column to the output table instead of -v global option.
  • zypper info now supports also -t product and pattern
  • improved and cleaned up output in individual output levels (--quiet, normal, -v, -vv)
  • improved help
  • improved prompts (uses default answer on enter, supports prompt help (help text will be added in 11.1))
  • improved install summary (shows reinstallations, arch changes, vendor changes)
  • license texts are now opened in pager ($PAGER or less)

Changes in Option Names

  • zypper addrepo: --disable instead of --disabled
  • zypper modifyrepo: -r, --refresh instead of --enable-autorefresh; -R, --no-refresh instead of --disable-autorefresh
  • zypper search: --case-sensitive now has -C shorthand rather than -c (which was in conflict with shorthand for rug's --catalog)

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