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This article describes new features and changes in Zypper since openSUSE 11.0 until 11.1

New features

  • service management commands: addservice, removeservice, modifyservice, refresh-services, services
  • zypper ref -s,--services triggers refresh of services before refreshing repos
  • zypper patch - installs all available needed patches (much like 'zypper up -t patch')
  • zypper list-patches - lists all available needed patches (much like 'zypper lu -t patch')
  • zypper targetos - prints targets operating system identifier (distroname-arch)
  • zypper versioncmp - compares two version strings
  • zypper licenses - prints a summary of licenses and EULAs of installed packages
  • --no-cd global option - will ignore cd/dvd repos during the operation
  • --no-remote global option - will ignore remote (ftp/http/smb) repos during the operation
  • zypper install foo.arch now possible
  • zypper install --from <repo> - mark packages for installation (by glob/name) from specified repos (without disabling the others, like with --repo)
  • zypper cleanlocks - removes unused package locks


  • --type now defaults to package in update and list-updates command
  • list-updates now lists only installable updates, to list all packages for which newer version exists new --all/-a option has been added.
  • addlock, removelock commands now accept multiple arguments
  • deprecated options removed (ar --disabled, mr --enable-autorefresh --disable-autorefresh)
  • repository key trust and import dialogs merged into one (PromptId PROMPT_YN_GPG_KEY_IMPORT_TRUSTED = 12 has been removed)
  • modifyrepo --priority option now accepts also values higher than 99.
  • zypp-checkpatches utility removed (zypp-refresh + zypper is a replacement)
  • xu removed - 'zypper --xmlout lu -t package -t patch' replaces it

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