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This is the page for the KDE Team. Here you will get chance to see who's who and find out about meetings and projects.

The members of the KDE team

  • contribute to the KDE project (the desktop itself, applications, artwork, ...)
  • work on binary packages and integration of KDE for openSUSE


Here is how you can contact us


The KDE Desktop in openSUSE is maintained by members of the openSUSE community. There is a core team that maintains the packages and a number of active members that contribute with testing, reviews, ideas, etc.

The Core Community team:

  • Fabian Vogt (IRC:fvogt)
  • Luca Beltrame (Blog, IRC:einar77)
  • Christophe Giboudeaux (IRC:krop)
  • Wolfgang Bauer

Other active members of the community:

Employees from other SUSE teams who have come from the KDE community or who have in the past been responsible for KDE work at SUSE, but who no longer contribute actively to KDE on openSUSE during work hours:

Community members that are no longer actively contributing to KDE on openSUSE

How to join

Easy: do the work and add your name here, in any order you want ;-)

We love to help you!

openSUSE isn't the kind of community where there are rules or red tape, so if you want to do something, just doing it works best.

Of course we're all more than willing to help you, explain how things work and get you going. You can ask on IRC or any other communication channel (like our opensuse-KDE mailing list, which you can join by clicking here).

How to get started

A good page where you can find links and information on packaging is the Factory Portal page. In short, you collaborate with us by creating an account on the Open Build Service and then BURPing!

BURPing stands for Branch, Update and Request merging a Package. OBS works a lot like GitHub, where you make a branch of a package in your own home, modify it, test it, and create a merge request. The documentation on how to do this can be found on the Factory link above.

For development of C/C++/Python etc tools and such it's best to ask us directly.

Additions (optional)