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About Me edit

Welcome to Cameron Seader's Wiki Index

Cameron Seader is currently a Sr. Data Center Strategist with an emphasis on Enterprise Cloud Computing environments; has a diverse background that includes technical sales, solutions architecture, consulting, and engineering. With over a decade of experience at companies such as Hewlett Packard, Micron, Interland (now and Idaho Power, he excels in specific areas of data center design, specializing in system solutions on mainframes to high performance clusters. He has also authored and published documentation and guides for several leading products and emerging technology concepts. As a Certified Linux Engineer he is a trusted adviser to SUSE's most strategic customers.

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Where do I live?

USA Boise, Idaho

TIDS / Cool Solutions / Wiki's / Blogs


10099535 - Password Complexity
10098515 - How to: SLES Boot Partition Fix on s390, s390x Platform
10098521 - How To: SLES 8 OSA Express Configuration
10098530 - How To: SLES 8 Hipersockets Configuration
10098531 - How To: SLES 9 Hipersockets Configuration
10098152 - How To: Disable IPV6 on SLES9
10099194 - AutoYaST: Network Interface Setup; Multiple NICs
3716199 - HOW TO: Printing with Citrix Client
3862792 - ERROR: A service of type 'ZENworks' already exists on this client
3652209 - SLED: Firefox scrolling, middle mouse button, like windows
3942484 - NCPCON Error 111 unable to access volume information
3308795 - SLES9: YOU Updates to SP4
7000511 - Users are not added to Solaris from IDM Fan-Out Driver 3.5.X
7003017 - cdrecord will not burn DVD ISO's
7003743 - sux no longer works; su - some_user not carrying over DISPLAY environment variables.
7004548 - Recommended DVD burning tool: SLE10
7007486 - SLED 11; Gnome; Change "Open In Terminal" to SLED 10 type functionality

Cool Solutions

My Author Page

INIT Script for Tivoli Storage Manager
ZENworks Linux Management and a SUSE Installation Service on One Server
OES: Apply Patches Without New Kernel Patches Being Applied
SLE10: Apply Updates Without New Kernel Updates Being Applied
AutoYaST: Network Auto Configuration Script
XEN: Install SLES 9 SP3 domU on SLES 10 XEN dom0
SLES9: Apply Security Patches without New Kernel Patches Being Applied
Create Installation Repository Structures for SLES 9
SLES 9 Authentication to Active Directory
ZENworks Linux Management 7.2 Lab Setup Guide for Patching SLES
ZLM 7.2 IR1 >= HP3, Mirroring Security, Optional, Recommended, and Kernel Only
Configuring Tomcat5 and Apache 2.2 with Virtual Hosts using mod_jk


FreeNX quick setup
Apache Settings
SUSE Manager:Register Cloned Systems
SUSE Manager:Change Server Hostname


Bits and Bytes

Open Source Projects


Squeegee Project Page

Novell Open Audio

Clean your windshield??? Squeegee!
Clean your windshield gov? Are we talking cars or technology? In this episode we bring in Cameron Seader, the founder of the open source project Squeegee. Squeegee is a web content filtering proxy that expands the features of Squid and DansGuardian to protect homes, schools and business from inappropriate content.

Novell Sales Talk

Why upgrade to SLES 11

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