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About Klaas Freitag edit

While I did some packaging in the beginning of my time at SUSE I switched to work on internal infrastructure pretty soon. For example, the SUSE Bugzilla was done by me, later by my colleague Christopher and me, and finally by the Inttools Team which was part of SUSE R&D.

Well, has vanished from us and went to the Novell servers. All Novell bugtracking is now done with Bugzilla so the Novell Bugzilla needs a very much bigger mind than the SUSE Bugzilla ever had... And a bigger team for maintenance and development...

The SUSE Inttools Team have found interesting things to move forward: For example SWAMP, our workflow management and administration tool which is in production to manage all the maintenance update s for SLE and openSUSE. Another topic for the tools team was feature tracking for the SUSE products with our tool Fate.

I am one of the fathers of the open(SUSE) Buildservice and maintain Hermes, the Open Buildservice notification system.

In summer 2007 I changed my role and became the architect of the SUSE department RD OPS/IPD. In that role I worked on a higher level on infrastructure such as the internal and external Buildservice, our tools and more.

Later on in summer of 2009 I became the teamlead of the openSUSE Boosters Team - something I was very happy about. We were working to make openSUSE more attractive for contributors.

In early 2012 I left SUSE as a company and joined the starup ownCloud Inc. where I work as a developer on the ownCloud Desktop Client and enjoy the fun and excitement with a small and agile company.

In the spare time I am contributing to KDE and I am active member of the KDE e.V. In july 2007 I was elected to the board of the KDE e.V in which I served until summer 2009.

My current spare time project is a tool called Kraft which helps people to create documents like invoices for their little business.

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Klaas Freitag

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