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Danny Kukawka
SUSE R&D / Preload Team (former: Mobile Devices Team)

Just a few words about my work on openSUSE and my interests in general.



KPowersave is the KDE3 fontend for the org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.SystemPowerManagement interface (and former the powersave daemon). It supports APM and ACPI. Current features:

  • support ACPI and APM
  • trigger suspend to disk/ram and standby
  • switch cpu frequency policy (between: performance, dynamic and powersave)
  • applet icon with information about AC state, battery fill and battery (warning) states
  • applet tooltip with information about battery fill and remaining battery time/percentage
  • autosuspend (to suspend the machine if the user is a defined time inactive)
  • a global configurable blacklist with programmes which prevent autosuspend (e.g. videoplayer and cd burning tools)
  • trigger lock screen and select the lock methode
  • change display brightness (if supported by hardware)
  • sound and callouts for several events (via KNotify)
  • online help
  • localisations
  • KPowersave support schemes with configurable specific settings for: screensaver, DPMS, autosuspend, scheme specific blacklist for autosuspend and brightness settings

KPowersave in press:


KMailCVT is the mail import tool for KMail. It support importing mails from the following mail programmes/archives to KMail:

  • Evolution 1.x and 2.x
  • KMail
  • Sylpheed
  • Thunderbird/Mozilla
  • Opera
  • OS X Mail
  • The Bat!
  • Outlook Express
  • Pegasus Mail
  • Lotus Notes
  • mbox and plain text-mails

General Tasks

List of other general tasks I am working on:

Tablet PCs

I wrote my diploma thesis about Tablet PCs and Linux. Now I work on better support of Tablet PCs and integrate the results of my thesis in SUSE Linux.

What I work on:

  • packaging TabletPC related applications and drivers
  • TabletPC integration (as e.g. virtual keyboards for login or unlocking the screensaver)
  • bugfixing ...

Some issues I worked on in the past:

  • added more support for Tablet PCs in HAL (include better detection and an addon to set the serial port for the Wacom Tablet automatically)
  • added SAX2 rules for a generic setup for Tablet PCs with a Wacom devices and other machines (SAX is dropped now)

The first place to start with Tablet PCs should be the page about TabletPCs in the wiki.

If you need some help to get you Tablet PC running feel free to ask me.

If you are looking for help with a USB or bluetooth Wacom tablet, you might want to check the Wacom USB tablet howto

Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL)

I maintain the SUSE HAL package. For more information about HAL (including HOWTOs and info how to debug and report bugs about HAL) see the page about HAL in the wiki.


List of projects I am hacking:

Project Programming languages Role
Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) C/C++, bash, XML SM/UD/UM
osc Python UD
KPowersave C/C++, QT, KDE SM/UM
KMail C++, QT, KDE
KTorrent C++, QT, KDE
UMTSmon C/C++, QT

(SM) indicates projects I'm maintaining for openSUSE and SUSE/Novell.
(UM) indicates projects I'm maintaining (maintainer/co-maintainer) upstream.
(UD) indicates projects I'm develop for upstream.

For a (nearly complete) list of projects I contributed to check Ohloh



  • dkukawka at suse dot de, dkukawka at novell dot com (work)
  • danny dot kukawka at web dot de (private)


  • dannyK on


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GPG Public Key

  • Fingerprint: FD14 B0AE 165E 2F01 6DEB 0E3A 9534 9BEA B6B0 A9DF
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