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This page is part of the talking points, and explains why offers a selection of desktops instead of just one

This page will give you, as an openSUSE ambasador, arguments in a discussion concerning the equal treatment of GNOME, KDE and the other desktops.

The page is under construction and mostly contains a random bunch of arguments... Feel free to add any braindump or question you have! If you have arguments against having both, add those too, we can discuss them and make even better arguments for the ambasadors.

Why we do both

  • We believe choice is a feature, not a bug. And we provide REAL choice, not a focus on one and half-assed other desktops.
  • competition is good, we believe open source darwinism will lead to the best technology surviving. And if several survive, they clearly fulfill a niche need so it is good
  • Both have a very different focus in terms of target users.
  • Both have a very different way of working.
  • It differentiates openSUSE
  • Choices are different among people, as people have different needs and work in different ways.

But you can't do both and do each of them well!

  • Yes we can! Check out openSUSE. We have highly dedicated teams working on every desktop and our Q&A guarantees they work together properly.
  • It is actually a plus, as all desktops have apps which the other one doesn't. KDE apps work in GNOME and the other way around and they can complement each other.