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openSUSE:Conference FAQ 2017

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Event Details - Registration and payment

Q: What time does the event start/end?

Q: Will there be any parties?

Q: Can I see if I am properly registered?

Q: I added that I'd support the conference/forgot to add that I want to support the conference, can I change that??

Q: I registered to support the conference, how do I pay?

Q: I am a speaker, should I register?

Q: I registered but I can't come, can you remove me?

Travelling Information

Q: Where can I book my air tickets from?

Q: Do I need a passport?

Q: How much money would I need per day?

Q: How hard is it to find English speaking people there?

Q: What happens if I get lost or if I get in trouble, or if I get hit, or if I get drunk?

Police: 112
Ambulance: 112
Fire: 112

Q: What is the country code for Germany

Country code is 49

Q: Could you give us a summary of available android applications?

Getting Around Nuremberg & Tourist Info

General Information

Q: Taxi Info

Q: Ticket Information - Where do I get a transportation ticket and how much does it cost?

Q: At what time does the public transportation start/end?

Useful locations & places

Q: Sightseeing - What *not* to miss?


Directions between airport / venue / hotels / center


Airport to Venue/hotels


Hotel -> Venue


Hotel -> City Center