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openSUSE:Conference How to bid

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On this page, you can see how to bid so you can host the annual openSUSE conference. Write your fantastic proposal and cover the subjects of this page. Then follow the procedure.

Before you organize an openSUSE conference, you need to submit a bid. Your bid should demonstrate that the location is suitable for an openSUSE conference, that there is a good local team to support the event and that you have thought about the budget. You should take the check list into consideration before writing your bid.

Once you finish your bid, you need to submit it to the organization team at ( You must subscribe to the mailing list to send the email.

Suggested structure

1. Introductory paragraph about the location

2. Local team

3. Local support

  • openSUSE community
  • Other groups and communities
  • Government and industry

4. Sponsorship (Having sponsors helps for a successful event)

5. Venue overview

  • Is the venue willing to sign a contract
  • What are the proposed dates
  • A detailed description of the venue, preferably with photos
  • List amount of rooms and the rooms capacity
    • Example: Room 1 (main hall) - 200 people
    • Example: Room 2 (secondary room) - 80 people
    • Example: Room 3 (workshop room) - 25 people
  • How is the internet connection
  • Is there audio equipment available for the talks
  • Are there projectors? If so, what size? Example 16x9 or 4x3 What the input? hdmi, dvi, vga
  • Are there screens for displaying the presentation?
  • Is there several charging outlets at the venue
  • How is the public transportation to get the venue
  • Is parking available for cars and buses

6. Travel

  • Airports and connections
    • What's the main airport hub if not in a major city?
  • Train
    • What's the nearest central train station? Also provide website for the train company (Example
  • Local transport
    • Subway? What is the url for a the map of the subway routes and/or url for the subway schedule
    • Bus? What is the website of the public bus company
    • Is a taxi service, Uber, Lyft, etc. available

7. Accommodation

  • List a few low-cost hotel or hostel options for the majority of the attendees
  • List a few comfortable hotel options (air conditioning, close to the venue) for those who need or want it

8. Dining

  • Provide the name and contact information of a food service company. And a small list of local food options. Price per person per meal.
    • List vegan and vegetarian options
    • Coffee and drinks
    • Lunch (1 hour, 200 plus people) location near the venue, food truck or catering
    • Dinner location near the venue, food truck or catering

9. Events

  • Registration
  • Party
  • Social or sponsorship event
  • Touristy activities

10. Budget

  • List a budget by providing a cost estimate for the venue, food and events. Providing an estimated low, expect and high cost range.

11. Sources and credits

  • Please list the sources, photos credits and urls of the information gathered.

Past and current bids