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Event Details - Registration and payment

Q: What time does the event start/end?

A: The conference takes place from 24th until 28th of April, 2014. You can find the exact schedule in OSEM. The detailed conference schedule will be available in printed format at the registration desk.

Q: Will there be any parties?

You bet there will be! Keep track of the conference website for details about our Partys!

Q: Can I see if I am properly registered?

A: Yes and you should, because we only reserve food, badges, party places etc for those registered. You can check and edit your registration details from the Registration Page.

Q: I added that I'd support the conference/forgot to add that I want to support the conference, can I change that??

Absolutely. Your support is very important for us.
Visit the Registration Page again and choose to support us.

Q: I registered to support the conference, how do I pay?

Thank you for supporting us!
Please follow the link from the Registration Page. If you have any trouble at all, please contact us at the visitors' Mailing List (

Alternatively, if it's too late for that, you can pay during the conference at the registration desk.

Q: I am a speaker, should I register?

Yes, please! We only reserve food, badges, party places etc for those registered so if you're, like most of us, human, and need to feed sometimes it is advisable to register.

Q: I registered but I can't come, can you remove me?

A: You can unregister yourself from the Registration Page. In the unfortunate event that you cannot make it to the conference, please unregister or let us know so that we can have a better estimation of the number of attendees.

Travelling Information

oSC14 takes place in Dubrovnik, Croatia. You can get there by plane and by boat from Italy:

Q: What currency can I use?

You will have to use Croatian Kuna (HRK). Euro might be accepted in some places, but Croatian Kuna is the safe option. 1 EUR is roughly 7.21 HRK

Q: What is the location’s timezone

CET or GMT+2 (during the daylight saving time)

Q: Where can I book my air tickets from?, but other online services will work equally fine.

Q: Do I need a passport?

A: If you are an EU citizen, you only need a valid ID card. Otherwise you need a valid passport, and citizens of some countries need a visa. Schengen visa is valid for Croatia as well.

Check here if you need a visa:

Q: How much money would I need per day?

Depending on your requirements and taste 20 - 40 € should be enough or plenty.

Visitors who have a visa need to have at least 50€ per day with paid accommodation or 100€ per day without paid accommodation to be allowed entry.

Q: How hard is it to find English speaking people there?

Dubrovnik is a very touristic place, it will be very hard to find people that don’t speak English.

Q: What happens if I get lost or if I get in trouble, or if I get hit, or if I get drunk?

Police: 192 Ambulance: 194 Fire: 193 It is preferred that English speaking persons call 112 for all of those services.

Q: I'm thinking of buying a Croatian SIM card, how much does it cost?

20 HRK (about 2.70€)

Q: What is the country code for Croatia

+385, HR

Q: Could you give us a summary of available android applications?

Dubrovnik Guide

Getting Around the city & Tourist Info

General Information

Q: Taxi Info

Taxis are considered expensive in Dubrovnik. But, everything is well connected with public buses, even the airport. Check the Dubrovnik Airport web page on getting from and to airport, and check for other bus info.

If you are considering using a taxi, take a look at the prices:

Q: Ticket Information - Where do I get a transportation ticket and how much does it cost?

Newsstands sell them for 12 HRK and bus drivers sell them for 15HRK (2€). You can also buy a "P" card that is good for 20 rides for 150HRK (~20€), and a daily card for 30HRK (3.9€).

Alternatively, a more pricey option with other benefits is Dubrovnik card and that is good for 7 days -

Q: At what time does the public transportation start/end?

5 or 6 am till midnight, consult the timetable:

Useful locations & places

Q: Sightseeing - What *not* to miss?

Old town, city walls.

Directions between airport / venue / hotels / center

Airport to Venue/hotels

Transfer from the airport to Dubrovnik is possible in a couple of ways, most affordable are "Atlas" shuttle buses, available upon arrival of every regular flight:

If you choose the shuttle bus option, the bus will stop at a couple of stations before, but you should descend at the station "Pile" (you can be sure to recognize it when the bus comes really really close to Old Town walls and then stops) (street view). Of course, the taxi will drive where you want.

From Pile, the venue is only 5 minutes on foot or one bus station away using line 4, direction Hotel Palace.

Line 4 will also get you to all the hotels that we have accommodation deals for: Ride 11 stations to hotels Vis and Adriatic Ride 4 stations to hotel Rixos.

Line 4 can be later on used to travel to and from the conference venue - 10 stations from Vis and Adriatic and 3 stations from Rixos.

For additional information, take a look at

The interactive flash map of public transportation is available at

Dubrovnik to Airport

Atlas shuttle bus departs from the main bus station 1.5 hours before domestic and 2 hours before international flights. One of the places where the bus stops is the "Cable car bus station" near Old Town. This one is easier to reach from hotels and the venue because you don't have to switch bus lines to get to it. Just use your usual line 4 bus to get to Pile and then walk ~10 minutes to the cable car bus station.

Hotel -> Venue

All the Hotels included in accommodation deals for the conference have access to the conference venue via bus line 4 - direction Pile (street view).

Number of stations you will ride depends on the hotel - 10 stations from Vis and Adriatic and 3 stations from Rixos.

Bus station is right in front of the venue:

When you know what hotel you will be staying at, you can turn on the "Transport map" layer on Openstreet map after following the above link, you will be able to plan your trip to the venue easily.

Alternatively, you can take a look at the interactive public transportation map:

Hotel -> City Center

Line 4 will take you there from any of the hotels to center. The station in the town center is called Pile, so that is the direction you need. It is 11 stations ride from Hotels Vis and Adriatic, and 4 stations from Rixos.

The city center is also easily accessible from the conference venue - it only takes ~ 5 minutes to walk there. The venue is one bus station before Pile.

Most bus lines also go there - turn on the transport layer on the following map:

Or, again, take a look at the interactive bus map: