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openSUSE had a poster design contest for the openSUSE Conference 2019. Vote is now closed.

Here are the results from the vote.

Screenshot-2019-1-15 Poster Design Contest.png


Community members can create a poster image for oSC19 between Dec. 1 and Jan. 15. Example posters designs should be uploaded to this wiki page. The winning design will be announced the week after the Jan. 15 deadline.


The poster design must meet certain requirements. The poster design contest has the following requirements:

  • The poster design must be designed for a DIN-A2-size poster. The size of the poster is (width X height) 420 x 594 mm and should include a 2 mm margin on all sides.
  • Posters should include the openSUSE Conference name, the date (May 24 - 26) and the location (Nuremberg, Germany) of the conference.
  • The poster design must be an .svg, .png or .pdf format.
  • The poster needs to be emailed to ddemaio (@)
  • The posters should be added to the contest wiki page as a .png so people can view the design.

Submitted Designs

Please submit your design below:

Poster Design 1 by cho2
Poster Design 2 by tamara28
Poster Design 3 by dnaruda
Poster Design 4 by pramastarr