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openSUSE:Ambassadors Collaboration Days

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The openSUSE Marketing Team is proud to host Collaboration Days during the month of December. Each designated day, we will focus on a specifc area related to marketing. The purpose of this is to get some work done on that topic to strengthen our ability to promote openSUSE to the world.

openSUSE Collaboration Day - Ambassadors Program

As part of the openSUSE Marketing Collaboration Days the openSUSE Ambassadors team are proud to be the first topic focused during our openSUSE Collaboration Days.

During our Collaboration Ambassador Day, our main purpose was to be to work hard and get some work done about Ambassadors Program to strengthen our ability to promote openSUSE around the world. And we done!


Summary Report

Review our existing support materials for Ambassadors and identify key checkpoint materials such as a checklist for booths. Review openSUSE Booth design concepts and strengthen reference materials such as talking points and developing strong presentation/speaking skills.

What was planned to be done!

What was done!