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Make sure ALP offers an (optional) system to manage the Host OS of a pet system (as opposed to cattle).
The solution should allow remote administration of an individual host (at least through a web interface) and run as containerized as possible to minimize the impact of what needs to be included in the Host OS.
To bear in mind: most ALP instances will be administered from a 1:many control system and only occasionally will be touched directly.

Current members

Current status

See the conclusions of the work group research and the plans and commitment for the first ALP prototype on September 2022:

Based on the information exposed in that document, the work group is acting in three areas:

  • Packaging and customization of Cockpit as main 1:1 management system.
  • Containerization of the Cockpit Web Server (ie. only the user interface).
  • Building a containerized version of YaST for occasional usage when Cockpit is not enough and to help in transition form traditional SLE and openSUSE.

The status of each project is described in its corresponding page.

Initially we also researched the possibility of containerizing cockpit-bridge and its extensions, but that was discarded for the mid-term:

  • Cockpit architecture makes it hard.
  • It's not a priority for upstream Cockpit (and they drive the project, after all).
  • The main dependency is Python, which is acceptable in the Host OS since other components also need it.


It's not clear what the requisites are in terms of what should be configurable and how. This document was supposed to be used by the ALP Steering Committee as a base to set priorities, but it has still not received any input in that regard.

Regular meetings

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