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  • Ancor Gonz√°lez Sosa
  • Adam Majer
  • Ladislav Slezak
  • Imobach Gonz√°lez Sosa
  • David D√≠az Gonz√°lez
  • Iv√°n L√≥pez Gonz√°lez
  • Knut Anderssen Gonz√°lez
  • Joaquin Rivera
  • Josef Reidinger
  • Marco Varlese
  • Lubos Kocman


  • Status review and planning of next steps for YaST running in a container (see
    • Full demo from Ladislav showing three interfaces: text-based, Qt and web-via-noVNC.
    • The container images currently use Leap, but we would like to switch to BCI.
      • The reason to use Leap so far is that we didn't find BCI to be easily accessible from the public openSUSE OBS instance
      • Marco pointed that can be done by making sure the path is set up to include SUSE:Registry.
      • Marco offered help in anything related to BCI adoption
      • Tracked at
      • Lubos will do whatever is needed to make easy to build applications for ALP using BCI and openSUSE's OBS.
    • Marco pointed that the web (actually noVNC) image shares goals with what Yifan (Yi Fan Jiang) is doing in the area of remote desktop and containers ->
    • Ladislav and Ancor will work to make a public announcement of the current prototype and future plans ->
    • We noticed that the dependencies of yast-container package may not be 100% correct (it needs Docker or Podman but that's not visible in the dependencies) ->
    • The approach seems to have a future, so let's start thinking about tests ->
    • Time to adapt more YaST modules to work containerized ->
  • Status review and planning of next steps for Cockpit
    • We have a working solution that allows us to theme Cockpit for (open)SUSE
    • Our solution is not acceptable in Cockpit's upstream.
    • Adam is updating the TW Cockpit packages to the latest version.
    • David will then add the patches needed for theme support and a separate package with some green-ish theme.