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Please note that SUSE does not guarantee the correctness of any information in the SDB. For more information, see Legal.

Support Database (SDB) articles are written as solutions for technical problems with openSUSE. They cover a wide range of problems, from installation and configuration issues, to workarounds for bugs and missing features. You can easily search the SDB from any page in this wiki if you add the SDB: prefix to your keyword; for example, the search for SDB:graphics will give you the articles in the Support Database with graphics in the title and in the text.

If you can't find a solution for a problem in the SDB, then you can check support portal for other options.

Search SDB

For a broader search check the other checkbox or use the Search field at the top of our wiki.

SDB articles have some format and topic requirements that are described in:

  • How to is about the format of SDB article.
  • FAQ is about the difference between SDB, HOWTO and FAQ articles.

Please use the SDB Article template when creating a new SDB article. It's offered in the boilerplate dropdown.

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