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Tested on openSUSE

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Switcheroo Control is a D-Bus service to check the availability of hybrid GPU configurations and integrate with the desktop environment.


You have a laptop with an NVIDIA discrete graphics card and Intel or AMD integrated GPU (iGPU), otherwise known as NVIDIA Optimus technology. You may need to run programs using the discrete graphics card, but you don't want the discrete graphics active all the time, because that would cause the laptop to consume too much energy. You also are using either Gnome or the KDE desktop environment with Wayland, which both offer GUI integration for hybrid graphics (for X11 support, see SDB:NVIDIA SUSE Prime). However, this integration is not enabled by default on openSUSE Tumbleweed.


This procedure is for a new Tumbleweed installation.

Install NVIDIA Drivers

Install the NVIDIA proprietary driver: SDB:NVIDIA drivers

After finishing the driver install with YAST or Zypper, the next step is to reboot to continue the install. Before this first reboot, you can set up Switcheroo Control.

Remove suse-prime

Next, remove and lock suse-prime. suse-prime is installed by default as part of the NVIDIA driver install.

sudo zypper remove suse-prime
sudo zypper al suse-prime

Install and Enable Switcheroo Control

sudo zypper in switcheroo-control
sudo systemctl enable switcheroo-control.service

Reboot, and if secure boot config for the NVIDIA driver is needed, complete that step.


After NVIDIA driver setup is complete, verify that right clicking on apps in the Gnome app menu gives one of the following two options:

  • "Launch Using Dedicated Graphics Card"
  • "Launch Using Integrated Graphics Card"

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