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SDB:NVIDIA drivers

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The NVIDIA drivers can not be included with openSUSE because of their license. Fortunately for new users, NVIDIA has an openSUSE repository containing their drivers.

Easy way to get NVIDIA drivers

It is not recommended to use the '1-Click Install' from the openSUSE community page as this requires to know which GPU is used. Instead,

  1. add the NVIDIA repos in YaST (YaST->Software->Software Repositories->Add->Community Repositories->NVIDIA Graphics Drivers)
  2. run an online update (or zypper inr in a shell as root). (things are more complicated on openSUSE Leap 42.1, see below)
  3. After installation is done restart computer.

The packages contain the correct 'supplements:' so Zypper will find the correct modules for your card. Unfortunately on openSUSE Leap 42.1 these 'supplemements' are being ignored by default by YaST (boo#953522). Therefore you need to select 'Extras/Install All Matching Recommended Packages' in 'Software Management' for autoselection and installation of the appropriate NVIDIA driver packages. When using 'zypper inr' you're not affected by this issue on openSUSE Leap 42.1.

Only if you plan to replace your card with a more recent one you should uninstall the driver before upgrading your hardware and run zypper inr once it is installed.

A Word of Warning

You should uninstall the NVIDIA driver manually

  • If you have the NVIDIA driver installed and plan to update it manually (using '1-Click Install' or some other way)
  • If you have installed the NVIDIA driver manually and plan to update your distribution
  • switch to another driver version (for example you have G03 installed but want to switch to G04)
  • plan to update your distribution using zypper dup

you should uninstall the old driver version first to avoid problems. You should perform the installation before you do any of the above actions, so you may need to do two steps.

If you have installed the driver manually you should make sure that the NVIDIA community repository is disabled so your manually installed drivers will not conflict with automatic update.

PLEASE NOTE manual installation is not the recommended way of installing the NVIDIA driver. It should only be done as last resort by experienced people. Noone can guarantee that the installation scripts will catch every corner case where conflicts may arise.

Optimus hardware

  • If you have Optimus hardware, do not use the drivers from this page. Instead, proceed to the guide.


You're going to have to install the driver the hard way. See the note on Tumbleweed for some tips on making it easier to go through the steps the second time around.

SLE 11 and 12

On SLE the NVIDIA repositories will be added automatically after performing the online registration. On SLES it is required to enable the NVIDIA repository. On SLE12 this can be done directly at the beginning of the installation. On SLE11 this step happens during the 2nd stage of the installation and may require a reboot.

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