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SDB:NVIDIA drivers

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Warning: If you plan to replace your card with a more recent one, it's recommended that you uninstall the driver (reverting back to nouveau) before upgrading your hardware.


Installing the official NVIDIA drivers using ZYpp (YaST, YaST2, or Zypper) is desired.

For information regarding NVIDIA's official linux .run file see "the hard way".


Installing with YaST or Zypper requires logging in as root.

Add the Nvidia Repository

The NVIDIA drivers can not be included with openSUSE because of their license. Conveniently, NVIDIA has an openSUSE repository that can be added and downloaded from.


  1. Open YaST, then click Software Repositories.
  2. Click Add (in the bottom left), then select Community Repositories.
  3. Select NVIDIA Graphics Drivers, then click OK.


Leap 15.2
# zypper addrepo --refresh NVIDIA
Leap 15.1
# zypper addrepo --refresh NVIDIA
Leap 15.0
# zypper addrepo --refresh NVIDIA
# zypper addrepo --refresh NVIDIA

Get the hardware information

In a terminal:

# lspci | grep VGA
# lscpu | grep Arch


# hwinfo --gfxcard | grep Model
# hwinfo --arch

There is also YaST2 -> Hardware Information.


One way to determine the appropriate driver is to input your hardware information into Nvidia's driver search engine. Alternatively, if you know what series your card is in, then you can use the package summary. YaST's software manager or the following commands can be used to check the available packages:

# zypper se x11-video-nvidiaG0*
S | Name                | Summary                                                 | Type   
  | x11-video-nvidiaG04 | NVIDIA graphics driver for GeForce 400 series and newer | package
  | x11-video-nvidiaG05 | NVIDIA graphics driver for GeForce 600 series and newer | package
# zypper se -s x11-video-nvidiaG0*
S | Name                | Type    | Version     | Arch   | Repository
  | x11-video-nvidiaG04 | package | 390.116-5.1 | x86_64 | NVIDIA    
  | x11-video-nvidiaG04 | package | 390.116-5.1 | i586   | NVIDIA    
  | x11-video-nvidiaG05 | package | 418.56-9.1  | x86_64 | NVIDIA


  1. Go to the YaST Control Center and click Software Management.
  2. View > Repositories > NVIDIA
  3. Choose the appropriate driver, e.g. x11-video-nvidiaG04 or x11-video-nvidiaG05
  4. Press Accept.
  5. Restart your computer.


# zypper in <x11-video-nvidiaG04 or x11-video-nvidiaG05>

Restart your computer.

Uninstalling the NVIDIA drivers


  1. Start YaST, go to: Software -> Software Management
  2. Change the 'Filter' to filter by software repositories
  3. Select the respective NVIDIA repository
  4. Mark any installed package from this repository for deletion and press 'Accept'. You may be prompted for conflicts, please ignore any conflicts and chose to break dependencies.
  5. Now in YaST select: Software -> Software Repositories
  6. Chose the respective NVIDIA repository and mark it 'disabled' - don't delete it as it will return enabled the next time the repositories are synced with the server.

Uninstalling the proprietary drivers will restore the previous X configuration file /etc/X11/xorg.conf if one existed. If the hardware has changed in the mean time it may be necessary to manually edit this file.


 # zypper rm <x11-video-nvidiaG04 or x11-video-nvidiaG05>

If that doesn't delete all the packages you can find the other names with

 # zypper se -ir NVIDIA


 # zypper lr
 # zypper se -ir <the repo number>

After uninstalling the packages, you might need to run:

 # mkinitrd

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