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Welcome to the Installation Portal Edit
Thanks for choosing openSUSE! We prepared some instructions to help your installation quick and easy.

openSUSE provides:

  • Tumbleweed, rolling release with latest and stable software
  • Leap, regular release with mature, complete software and 36 months support

Each release, you can choose different types of installation images to download: DVD and Network. DVD image contains all packages needed for installation and is perfect for offline installation. Network image is very small and downloads system and packages from online repositories.

You can write installation images to either DVD/CD disks or USB sticks. Always keep an installation media in case you need to rescue system.

The installation can take some time (well over half a hour) to detect some hardware combinations so be very patient during initial driver install from boot media (green line at bottom of screen reaches 100% well before all drivers installed) as you might think you are dealing with an installation failure.

Topics Edit

Download the latest release


Create installation media


Installation instructions


Network installation


Language package installation


Official openSUSE documentation

Releases Edit

OS 11.3 live install 7.png

11.3 - Live CD - Creating primary account