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Language specific installation

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If you're installing for languages that are not on the DVD and do not use the Extra Languages Add-On, you will miss some localization packages. Here's a description what to do to get these.

Installing support for additional languages

The openSUSE installer supports more than 50 different languages but only a few of them have their full localization on the media. To add additional localization to your system, you need to invoke software installation once you have online access. This will not only install additional packages for localization but also some hardware dependent packages that are either not available on the media or are for hardware that you added to your system after installation.

Via YaST

Run "YaST Control Center" -> "Software" -> "Software Management" and check whether "Dependencies" -> "Install Recommended Packages" is enabled. If not, click to enabled. This will install for all additional localization and hardware packages. To install support for further languages, change the view from "View" -> "Languages" and select new languages. Do not forget click "Accept" to start installation after them.

Using zypper

Just run: zypper install-new-recommends to install additional packages for localization and also some hardware dependent packages.

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