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Document it

Write how-to, documentation, and much more!

  • Be part of the Wiki team
    This page is built with MediaWiki. The concept of a Wiki is that anybody may add and modify content. As long as you edit anything on the wiki you are de facto member of the Wiki team. Please see the Wiki team page if you want to contribute to the Wiki. On Editing help, find a quick tutorial if you're unfamiliar with Wikis. Please make sure that you follow the Wiki style guidelines. The openSUSE project is currently running wikis in different languages. You can find here the available language teams. You may also like to join one of this language teams. For more information about translation and localization please look at the Translation guidelines howto to localize a wiki.
  • Review or Write Documentation, Manuals, and Articles
    Visit the documentation portal to contribute or read articles and manuals. If you've got instructions, solutions to common problems, neat tips and tricks, or just a good way to explain something, we'd love to hear from you.
  • Improve the DocBook manuals
    The wiki is not enough. Our manuals are written in NovDoc XML, a simplified subset of DocBook. The XML sources for the manuals are hosted on an SVN server. Generating books from the XML sources is done with the susedoc build environment, which is developed and maintained by the Documentation team as well. Make contact.
  • Improve Hardware Compatibility List
    Hardware support provides challenges to any distribution of Linux. The Hardware database pages are used by the openSUSE community to record the compatibility of various hardware and full systems with openSUSE. Share your experience by adding your hardware, especially if you had some issue that you overcame.

Additional information: Wiki teamWiki translationDocumentation teamHardware database

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