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Manuals for openSUSE Leap are available in different formats (HTMNL, PDF, and ePUB) from

Current effort for improving the documentation

There is an ongoing effort to improve the documentation for all new users, with an eye on Tumbleweed and best-practices. If you want to help you will be warmly welcomed at

openSUSE manuals

Startup Guide

The Startup Guide leads you through the installation and basic configuration of your system, including help and advice in troubleshooting.

It also introduces basic Linux concepts such as

  • the file system
  • user and access permissions
  • the command line shell

The Startup Guide is included in the openSUSE box.

You can download the guide as pdf and epub or view it as a single HTML page.

GNOME User Guide

The GNOME User Guide introduces the GNOME desktop. It guides you through using and configuring the desktop and helps you perform key tasks. It is intended mainly for end users who want to make efficient use of GNOME as their default desktop.

You can download the GNOME User Guide as pdf and epub or view it as a single HTML page

Reference Guide

The Reference Guide gives you a general understanding of openSUSE. It is intended mainly for system administrators and home users with basic system administration knowledge.

The Reference Guide provides detailed information about:

  • managing and updating software
  • administration of your system
  • the interaction of key Linux system components
  • the set-up of various network and file services openSUSE offers
  • an introduction to wifi and power management

You can download the Reference Guide as pdf and epub or view it as a single HTML page

Security Guide

The Security Guide introduces basic concepts of system security, covering both local and network security aspects.

It shows you how to make use of the product inherent security software like AppArmor (which lets you specify per program which files the program may read, write, and execute) or the auditing system that reliably collects information about any security-relevant events.

You can download the Security Guide as pdf and epub or view it as a single HTML page

Virtualization Guide

The Virtualization Guide offers in-depth information on virtualization with KVM, XEN, QEMU and containers. It also covers maniging virtual machines with libvirt.

You can the Virtualization Guide as pdf and epub or view it as a single HTML page

System Analysis and Tuning Guide

The System Analysis and Tuning Guide enables you to thoroughly analyse your servers and make the most out of them. It does not offer recipes for special scenarios, because each server has got its own different demands.

The guide covers tools and logs necessary to:

  • monitory your kernel and system
  • manage power and resources
  • tune the kernel
  • handle system dumps

You can download the System Analysis and Tuning Guide as pdf and epub or view it as a single HTML page

Source code

The XML source code of all manuals is hosted in the SUSE/doc-sle repository on GitHub.