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Contribute to the openSUSE manuals.

How to Contribute

All openSUSE manuals are hosted in the SUSE/doc-sle repository on GitHub. This repository hosts the documentation for the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server/Desktop and for openSUSE Leap. Manuals for both products are generated from the same source using conditional text elements for parts specific to a single product.

Released versions for openSUSE Leap are published on

Reporting Documentation Bugs or Suggesting Adjustments

All HTML versions published on feature a Report Bug link on the right side of every caption. To report a bug for the respective section of the manual, click the Report Bug link to open a pre-filled bug report template on Adjust the bug's headline and report the issue.

Filing a bug report requires an openSUSE login. Anonymous bug reports are not accepted, because there is no chance to get back to an anonymous reporter in case of questions.

Contributing via GitHub

If you are familiar with GitHub, you may comment edits or fork SUSE/doc-sle to send us pull requests. Refer to the README for additional information.

Tools And Techniques

Our manuals are written in DocBook 5. Contrary to popular belief, DocBook is very easy to learn. If your editor properly supports DocBook editing, writing DocBook is even easier. Open source editors known to support DocBook are:

To build manuals in various formats from the XML sources, we are using DAPS - The DocBook Authoring and Publishing Suite and the suse-xsl-stylesheets. The packages (daps, suse-xsl-stylesheets) are available on openSUSE. The latest versions for both packages are available from the Documentation:Tools repository.

In case you plan to regularly contribute to our documentation, a look into our Documentation Styleguide may be worth the while.

Getting in touch with the SUSE Documentation Team

Reaching out to us is pretty easy: mail to, subscribe to the opensuse-doc mailinglist or join the #opensuse-doc IRC channel on freenode.