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Buy openSUSE

tagline: From openSUSE

The boxed version of openSUSE contains a complete user manual and DVD installation media: Put it in your DVD drive and start the installation. It is not created by SUSE itself.

openSUSE Leap 42.2

Open Source Press has created a German product.

42.2 openSUSE 3D.png

The product comes with:

  • a DVD (64-bit)
  • a ~398 pages manual for openSUSE Leap 42.2
  • 10 Euro savings on LPI certifications
  • 10 Euro savings on Moneyplex upgrade
  • 10 Euro savings on caseable cases
  • A PDF of the book "Gimp 2.8 - Der praktische Einstieg"

Additional Commercial Offerings

There are other options to buy openSUSE-related commercial products, especially the openSUSE Shop with merchandise as well as list of commercial offerings for openSUSE-related products.