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During the LinuxDays Conference there are a lot of things to do. For getting things done the best way is to set up teams with defined responsibilities. Find here a list of teams with responsibilities and people during LinuxDays. Add yourself if you want to/can help out!!!

Registration/Help Desk

Coordinator: Libusa

Should be organized in shifts to avoid staff being tied to the desk all day.


  • Put up poster or projector showing map of the venues (both) indicating rooms by room number
  • package conference bags
  • print badges
  • find/hand out preprinted badges
  • teach people how to register
  • make sure sponsor flyers are there
  • count how many people actually come


  • RegHelper: There should be one person that helps people to register at the two computers there. One computer displays the registration form in czech, the other one in english. Requirement: Needs to speak czech
  • There will be three lines for people to check in. Two lines for attendees that registered before Friday 11h and one line for newly registered attendees.
    • CheckingHelper: One person should help people go to the correct line.
    • CountingHelper: One person behind the desk on each line needs to count the registered people by filling in a form we provide
  • LanyardGuy: there will be a fourth line for people that only need the lanyard (only Fri, Sat morning probably)
  • Folder: there is going to be a laptop that runs a script that auto or semiautomatically prints out name tags for newly registered people. Someone has to watch this and fold the newly printed name tags and put them into cases and lanyards.
  • Packager: Several persons need to package the conference bags and hand it over to the CountingHelper. Stickers need to be put into the bag.
  • Helper: some persons to answer other questions


  • Man the registration desk and give people their badges, answer questions.


  • You will be friendly to people and hand them a badge, a bag and such. Maybe you have to operate the button machine.

Team Members:

When Name T-shirt size task you can help with Main responsiblity
All days Zoumpis M package conference bags / teach people how to register / make sure sponsor flyers are there / count how many people actually come.
Anytime janiktomanek ? ?
Available for the button machine (used it on osc11), 1-2 days for the desk efagra ? ?
All days (I'm already in Prague) differentreality - Stella Rouzi L ALL ?
Thu, Fri only Petr Uzel M Whatever is needed ?
Thu, Fri till 6 PM Lukas Ocilka M Mainly preparing welcome packages. But "whatever is needed" fits as well. Good ideas ;)
from Saturday Pavel Kacer L Whatever, if my other duties (Merchandising and Storage room) are not affected.
Fri from 5:30 PM, Sa - Tue if needed Petr Gajdos L Whatever needed.

Rooms (Chairmen)

Coordinator: Petr Cerny + Vlado Moravec (

Take care about everything related to conference rooms Two people per room.


  • make sure there is a chair man for each room and talk. better even two. one for inside and outside

Tasks for chairmen:

  • make sure talks start and end in time
  • have water available for each speaker
  • help speaker setting up their nootebooks with projector, power plug and network
  • ventilate room after each talk
  • announce e.g. schedule changes
  • don't allow people to get into the room after talk started. grace period 5 or 10 minutes (depending on the length of the talk)
  • don't allow people in if room is full
  • operate the video equipment (camera, mixing device)

If you are interested in becoming a chairman, drop the coordinator a line or two stating your availability. You can also check the current schedule in our tracking spreadsheet.

Social event/program

Coordinator: Petr Uzel

Take care of the social events (parties)


  • make sure location is ready before the party begins
  • last one to leave the party. kick out the drunken guys
  • find nice place for VIPs to have dinner or party on Sunday (if requested)

Team Members:

When Name T-shirt size task you can help with Main responsibility
All days Coordinator XXXXXL ? ?
When Name T-shirt size What can you help with? What responsibility do you take on? (nothing is OK)
Sat 17.00 - ? Petr Uzel M Be the last one at the party and kick out drunken guys Be cool and look awesome :)
Sat Petr Gajdos L make sure location is ready before the party begins


Coordinator: <looking for one>

Deal with the press


  • prepare the press room
  • schedule interviews
  • take care of opening and closure if press is there
  • be contact for press
  • provide content of announcements or news
  • one article per day


Coordinator: <looking for one>

should be a team that knows Prague well

Answers to most questions the VIPs could have could be found at Archive:Conference FAQ 2012

Take care about special guests

  • SUSE executives
  • keynote speakers
  • gov representatives
  • sponsor representatives


  • make sure they arrive at the hotel on Friday
  • take them to lunch
  • know which VIPs go where
  • make reservations in restaurant
  • pick them up at the hotel and take them to the dinner
  • take them to parties or somewhere else
  • check whether they are at the conference on Saturday
  • make sure VIPs can enter the party
  • take them to lunch on Sunday
  • provide VIPs with a number to call in case of problems


Coordinator: Lars Vogdt

Video team

Coordinator: Jürgen Weigert <> <> +491735876976

Should be organized in shifts to avoid staff being tied to the rooms all day. Choos the talks you want to attend, then consider, if you can keep an eye on the camera while attending. If so, record your name below, either above the timetable or (preferred) grab a room, and time.

Detailed schedule See Archive:Conference_video_work_plan 2012


  • Setting up the video recording equipment in each of the rooms.
    • 3 helpers to do room setup Thursday evening Oct. 18, starting 18:00h. Mark Positions, Pull cables. Install framefrabbers in speaker's desk.
    • 3 helpers to do room setup Friday evening (part two). Install Cameras, tripods, mixers, laptops. Test drive.
    • 1 helper to take ownership of the encoder server. Monitor streams, run batch jobs, ping rooms for missing uploads.
  • During the talks doing camera and mixing (two people per room)
    • All available help to work Sat/Sun/Mon/Tue in shifts as room chairman, video operator.
    • recode movie files to sharable format (dv2webm)
    • upload to Youtube and
  • keep live streams running. Monitor links at Archive:Conference_video 2012
  • 3 helpers to do room setup Sunday afternoon venue 2. + Sunday night. Moving all to venue 2.

Team members

  • Duty: Take care of video recording
  • Motivation: Nobody can attend parallel tracks. Our work allows to enjoy all talks later.
  • Skills: You will learn to operate a video-camera and/or do live video mixing with dvswitch. We offer short training sessions suitable for for first time volunteers. Easy learning curve promised.


  • vpelcak Mon. Tue.
  • bwiedemann
  • kpetsch
  • gschlotter
  • postadal Fri, Mon, Tue.
  • Marco Fleckinger
  • Christopher Hofmann
  • Jan Tománek
  • Need to confirm more volunteers at Friday's welcome party. (Especially for sat/sun.)
Time Room Video Mixer Camera Operator Trainee(s)
Fri 15-16h Room 155 McCoy Juergen Weigert Christopher Hofmann first volunteers training
Fri 20-20:30h All Systems Test Juergen Weigert ??? video team all hands
Sat 09-12h Kirk (105) Petr Pulc Harald Mueller Ney
Sat 13-18h Kirk (105) Petr Pulc Harald Mueller Ney
Sat 09-13:30h McCoy (155) Christopher Hofmann Marco
Sat 14-18h McCoy (155) Marco Bernhard Wiedemann
Sat 09-12:30h Scotty (111) Theo Chatzimicho Theo
Sat 13:30-18h Scotty (111) Theo Theo
Sat 09-13:30h Spock(107) Gerhard Schlotter Kilian Petsch
Sat 14:30-18h Spock(107) ? Jan Tománek
Sun 11:00h - 13:30h Kirk (105) Petr Pulc Petr Pulc
Sun 14:30h - 18:15h Kirk (105) Petr Pulc Petr Pulc
Sun 11:00h - 13:00h McCoy (155) Marco Fleckinger Jan Tománek
Sun 14:00h - 18:15h McCoy (155) Jan Tománek, Bernhard? Marco Fleckinger, Matthias?
Sun 11:00h - 12:30h Scotty (111) Theo & friends Theo & friends
Sun 13:30h - 18:15h Scotty (111) Theo & friends Theo & friends
Sun 11:00h - 12:00h Spock(107) Harald Mueller Ney Wolfgang Rosenauer
Sun 13:00h - 18:15h Spock(107) Bernhard?, Matthias? Gerhard? Kilan?
Mon 10:00h - 13:00h Picard Marco vpelcak
Mon 15:00h - 18:00h Picard Bernhard vpelcak
Mon 10:00h - 13:00h Riker (Gallery) Marco postadal, Jan
Mon 15:00h - 18:00h Riker (Gallery) Gerhard, Kilian? Matthias?
Mon 10:00h - 13:00h Data None? None?
Mon 14:30h - 18:00h Data Marco postadal
Tue 10:00h - 12:30h Picard None None
Tue 13:45h - 16:30h Picard ? ?
Tue 10:00h - 12:30h Riker (Gallery) ? postadal Bernhard M. Wiedemann
Tue 13:45h - 16:30h Riker (Gallery) ? postadal
Tue 10:00h - 12:30h Data (Labs) ? ?
Tue 13:45h - 16:30h Data (Labs) ? ?


Coordinator: Miro Hroncok


  • define where each booth should be
  • make sure each booth has table, chair etc
  • get contact of the person that brings chairs and tables
  • get contact a person for every booth
  • make sure there's nothing valuable left behind in the evening
  • make sure devices are switched off in the evening
  • make sure rules of building are adhered

openSUSE Booth

Coordinator: Tomas Chvatal


  • move everything from SUSE offices to the venue and back
  • The Booth will be operational during the weekend only, so don't assign yourself for monday/tuesday :-)
  • ensure we have enough volunteers for the booth at any given time
  • make all machinery (touchscreen device, studio cube, ...) working and primetime for the event
  • prepare games/quizzes that will be for the people interested in obtaining the fancy stuff (lizard, t-shirt, etc.)
  • guard the beer

Team Members:

When Name T-shirt size task you can help with Main responsiblity
All days Tomáš Chvátal (coord) <> L Observing everything works and respond to critical stuff Boss :-)
Sat - Afternoon & Sun - Morning Petr Cerny XL attending the booth what will be necessary
Sat & Sun Zoumpis M Make sure there's nothing valuable left behind in the evening / Make sure devices are switched off in the evening / Attending the Booth
Sat & Sun Antonis Tsiapaliokas XS/S Attending the Booth, providing laptop
Sat & Sun Giorgos Tsiapaliokas XS/S Attending the Booth, providing laptop
Sat 14-15, Sun 14-15 Robert Schweikert ? attending the booth
All days Yury Tsarev XL Attending the booth Presenting Studio kiosk avoiding hitting known bugs ;)
Sat 20 (few hours during the day) Jan Krupa XL attending the booth

Venue Change

Coordinator: Maybe Robert Schweikert

(It's a commercial place, they care for chairs, tables & cleaning) We can get in there at Monday at 7am Task force: all available people - pure muscle

Key from the second venue will be available at 1 PM, moving can start at 7 PM.


  • make sure to get keys
  • make sure second venue is clean before we move in there
  • help the other teams to move their stuff
  • available on sunday night

Team Members:

When Name T-shirt size task you can help with Main responsibility
All days Coordinator XXXXXL ? ?
Sun - Evening & Mo - Morning Robert Schweikert XL Anything, moving, setup... Whatever is needed, I'll help
Sun - Evening Petr Cerny XL Anything, moving, setup... Whatever is needed, I'll help
Sun - Evening & Mon Morning Lukas Ocilka M Moving, setup, car if needed "Almost" whatever ;)
Sun - Evening & Mon Morning Michal Čihař M Moving, setup I can help
Sun - Evening & Mon Morning Petr Gajdos L whatever I manage
Mon Morning Michal Filka L whatever I manage, till 10:00
Sun - Evening & Mo - Morning Jan Krupa XL Anything, moving, setup... Whatever is needed, I'll help


Coordinator: warlordfff

Duty: Take pictures and video and write reports on what is happening, tweet/plus/dent/etc via the official channels.
Skills: We need folks who can take pictures AND deliver a handful FINISHED ones each day. We need people to go around and take notes on what is going on. We need people to sit in the media room to take the input from the other two teams and tweet/etc it and write articles.
Chief of Staff: Jos Poortvliet
Note that this isn't a full-day task. If you come, help 1-2 hours a day that'd be very helpful.

We still need:

  • a bit more help for writing (people taking notes and bringing them to us)

Team Members:

When Name T-shirt size task you can help with Main responsiblity
All days jospoortvliet Medium writing, coordinating and tweeting daily articles and announcements
All days Tux93 XL Taking Photos, writing on G+ if needed Nothing yet
All days warlordfff L Tweeting, Taking Photos, Writing a bit, helping with G+ Nothing yet
All days Efstathios Iosifidis XXXL Taking Photos, Facebook-ing, Connect-ing, Linkedin-ing, Tweet-ing, G+-ing, Nothing yet
? Martin Stehno ? Taking Photos Photography coordinator
When Name T-shirt size What can you help with? What responsibility do you take on? (nothing is OK)

Social Media

chief of social media: warlordfff

  • irc, sit on #opensuse-conference channel at Freenode
  • collect feedback from social networks and reshare most interesting stuff
  • send what interesting is going on - part of it is the previous bullet
  • promote stuff from press announcement guy
  • manage all official social channels!!!


  • write and publish news articles
  • take care of any changes on web site
  • coordinate with registration desk


  • All announcements come here and need to be coordinated and communicated.


Coordinator: Martin Stehno

  • take pictures
  • get pictures from others or online
  • select 5-7 good pictures per day and give them to media people before 17:00 latest, each with a nice short story/subtext, good resolution, post-processing done and in a free license.

Support: Camera from Lukas Ocilka if needed (Nikon D7000 with 18-105 AF-S DX VR and a spare battery)


Coordinator: Michal Cihar

  • prepare the rooms
  • make sure there is a board or something for on site organisation of BoFs
  • tell announcement guy about new BoFs
  • know which rooms are available
  • list of reserved BoF sessions is at Archive:Conference_BoF_sessions 2012

We need at every time somebody to be available to help with BoFs:

When Name
Put time here Put your name here



Coordinator: Thomas Schmidt

  • know which material goes on the bus
  • know which people go on the bus



  • Vojtěch Dziewięcki (Friday - Sunday)
  • Petr Uzel (Monday - Tuesday)

Emergency phone number: +420 723 292 884 (also printed on conference badges)

Requirements and responsibilities:

  • speaks Czech and English
  • keep phone charged and turned on 24h / day
  • respond to calls and take care of whatever is needed in case of Emergency


Coordinator: Pavel Kacer -- available from Saturday, on Friday Libusa

  • make sure material is there
  • keep it secure


Coordinator: Izabel Valverde

  • take care of ranking of sponsors when displaying their material
  • know who the sponsors are
  • drag them to interviews
  • make sure somebody names them during opening and closing session in correct order

Storage room

Coordinator: Pavel Kacer -- available from Saturday, on Friday Libusa

  • Key keeper. dont give it away
  • lock and unlock rooms if needed


Coordinator: Martin Caj

  • what do we have
  • where is it


Coordinator: Alena

  • places are booked?
  • make sure to get the right people to the right dinner
  • be aware of food preferences of people


Coordinator: Michal Kubecek

  • be aware of any schedule changes

Lunch (Dinners?)

Coordinator: Alena

  • make reservations
  • know which VIPs are going


Coordinator: Alena

  • make sure that people that should be there are there
  • name the sponsors
  • provide michael miller with a list of persons
    • government?
    • tv?


Coordinator: Alena & Libusa

  • take care of any problems with hotels
  • someone leaving early, change booking etc.


Coordinator: Daddy Agustin is caring for us all.