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TODO: Write about possible places to exchange money close to the uni

Event Details - Registration and payment

Q: What time does the event start/end?

A: Everything regarding the schedule can be found in Schedule - Bootstrapping Awesome. The schedule will also be printed on your conference badge, and available in printed format at the venue.

Q: Will there be any parties?

A: Yes, a welcome party on Friday and a big party on Saturday. More details to be announced later.

Q: Can I see if I am properly registered?

A: Unfortunately, due to the way we had to do registration, there is no way you can yourself check if you are properly registered. If it really matters to you, please ask on or one of the team members directly.

Q: I added that I'd support the conference/forgot to add that I want to support the conference, can I change that??

If you'd like to support the conference but didn't register as such at first, please simply register again. Same if you changed your mind on supporting - just register again. We'll take the last registration in case of doubles and if you mistakenly get a mail asking you to pay, please just let us know you won't be paying.

Q: I registered to support the conference, how do I pay?

We're still working out the payment stuff, you'll get an email detailing how to pay once we're done with that! Thanks for your support.

Q: I am a speaker, should I register?

Yes please! We only reserve food, badges, party places etc for those registered so if you're, like most of us, human, and need to feed sometimes it is advisable to register.

Q: I registered but I can't come, can you remove me?

Unfortunately, our registration system isn't very flexible. We hope you don't mind getting the few mails and after the conference we'll clean it all up, promised!

Travelling Information

Q: Do I need a passport?

A: Czech Republic is a member of the European Union and belongs to the Schengen Area. This means that you can enter the country with your European ID if you come from an European country, otherwise you need a valid passport and possibly a VISA.

Q: What is the currency used in Czech Republic (CZ)? / Do they accept Euros?

A: CZ uses Czech Crowns and not Euros. Although Euros are accepted in most places, it is better to exchange some money beforehand, in order to avoid disadvantageous exchange rates.

Q: How much is the exchange rate?

A: = ~25 CZK. There are also android applications for exchange rates: "Exchange Rates" and "Easy Currency Converter".

Q: Where can I exchange money to CZK?

A: Always check the exchange rate offered. Usually they will give you 0,50 CZK below official exchange rate.

Some places usually offering good exchange rates:

  • Mango Change - center, close to the V├íclavsk├ę n├ím─Ťst├ş (Wenceslas Square)
  • Huspak Exchange - center, close to N├írodn├ş t┼Ö├şda
  • eXchange - center, close to Starom─Ťstsk├ę n├ím─Ťst├ş (Old town square)

Q: How much money would I need per day?

A: Obviously depends on your food choices. But a general idea is:

  • Lunch at the venue (for those that indicated in their registration that they want one) is at 100 CZK (that is 4 euro).
  • Dinner is around 5 euro (that is for one main dish, for example one 30cm pizza)
  • A beer in a pub/bar/restaurant costs 1-1.5 euro per 0.3-0.5l

Q: How hard is it to find English speaking people there?

A: In city center almost everybody speaks at least some English, so you won't have a problem at all. Outside of the center, though, things might get difficult.

Q: What happens if I get lost or if I get in trouble, or if I get hit, or if I get drunk?

A: We will provide emergency numbers printed on your conference badge.

Apart from police/ambulance, there will also be a number from a Czech SUSE guy that will be able to provide you assistance in case of emergency.

Q: I'm thinking of buying a Czech SIM card, how much does it cost?

A: You can do that in stores of Vodafone, O2 or T-mobile. If you are particularly interested in having internet access on your mobile take into account the following:

  • Daily charge: 24 CZK / day (up to 25 MB / day usage) [Choose Vodafone]
  • Daily charge: 30 CZK / day (namely unlimited usage) [Choose O2]
  • Daily charge: 24 CZK / day (up to 25 MB / day usage) [Choose T-mobile]
  • Weekly charge: 49 CZK / week (up to 60 MB / 7 days usage) [Choose Vodafone]
  • Monthly charge: 150 CZK / month (up to 150 MB / month usage) [Choose O2]

When choosing the best plan, donÔÇÖt only rely on how many days you want to use the mobile internet but also take into consideration how much traffic you will need. For example 49 CZK for one whole week (7 days) looks nice, but is 60 MB enough for you for the whole week?

* Vodafone prepaid SIM card costs 200 CZK and includes 200 CZK credit
* O2 prepaid SIM card costs 150 CZK and includes 150 CZK credit
* T-mobile has the option to get a prepaid card for free without credit obviously.

In all cases, you can recharge your credit online from the eshop of the company you chose, from the company's store or from supermarkets that offer fixed-price coupons for recharge.

Q: Could you give us a summary of available android applications?

A: There's a bunch of apps you can use:

Getting Around Prague & Tourist Info

General Information

Prague offers great transportation service by bus, tram and metro. The city of Prague is divided into districts. Each district has a number, so the center is Prague-1, the venue is in Prague-6 etc.

Please note that due to some works taking place in tram lines, there have been changes in the routes and tram stops.

You can check this google map to see useful locations but do NOT rely on googlemap's tram lines!

Metro/Tram Maps: Please use this updated map instead click

Find more maps here!

Timetables (Switch to English/German is at the bottom of the blue area.)

TIP: Get a tram+metro map for free at the airport! Before exiting the building there is a public transportation ticket counter with maps in various languages.

If you require taxi service check with SEDOP Taxi Company. You can also pay by credit card, as long as you inform them during booking. The phone number for booking a taxi is +420 281 000 040 and price is 30 CZK + 23 CZK/km. You can of course call (wave at) a taxi right on the street, but try to avoid doing so because it tends to be significantly more expensive.

Q: Ticket Information - Where do I get a transportation ticket and how much does it cost?

A: In the airport and in the train station there are counters that sell tickets and also accept credit cards. Automatic machines and counters can be found in almost all metro stations. Every ticket is valid for buses, trams and metros.

Types of tickets:

  • 30 min: 24 CZK
  • 90 min: 32 CZK
  • 1 day: 110 CZK
  • 3 days: 310 CZK
  • Monthly ticket: 670 CZK - can only be bought outside of Hrad─Źansk├í Metro Station

Fare options in the official website of public transportation in Prague.

Option to buy ticket via mobile (SMS-ticket), but you need SIM card from Czech operator for that.

ALL tickets are also valid for airport lines (like Bus No 119) except for Airport Express Buss (AE) for which you must pay specific fee at the driver.

Q: At what time does the public transportation start/end?

Most tram/metro transportation works from around 4am to midnight.

There are timetables in every tram stop referring to exact time that each tram passes from that stop on workdays, Saturday, Sunday.

Map for Night Operation

Useful locations & places

  • Venue (University), Th├íkurova 9
- Nearest TRAM stop: Lotyšská - Tram No 2, 8
- Nearest TRAM stop2: V├şt─Ťzn├ę n├ím─Ťst├ş - Tram No 2, 5, 8, 20, 26
- Nearest METRO station: Dejvicka - A line (green color)
  • Krystal Hotel, Jos├ę Mart├şho 407/2 Praha-6
- Nearest TRAM stop: Nad D┼żb├ínem - Tram No 5, 20, 26
[8 tram stops from venue+some walking]
  • Diplomat Hotel, Evropsk├í 15 Praha-6
- Nearest TRAM stop: Dejvicka - Tram No 5, 20, 26
- Nearest METRO station: Dejvicka - A line (green color)
  • Carol Hotel, Kurta Konr├ída 547/12 (opposite of SUSE offices)
- Nearest TRAM stop: U Svobodárny or Divadlo Gong (same stop, 2 different names) - Tram No 16
[This is on Sokolovska street, on road up from the hotel] - Nearest TRAM stop2: Ocelářská - Tram No 8, 25
[This is on ─îeskomoravsk├íÔÇÄ street, one road down from the hotel] - Nearest METRO station: ─îeskomoravsk├íÔÇÄ - B line (orange color)
  • METRO Line B: M┼»stek or TRAM stop V├íclavsk├ę n├ím─Ťst├ş (Tram: 3, 9, 14, 24) - You end up in Wenceslas Square
  • METRO Line B: N├ím─Ťst├ş Republiky or TRAM stop Namesti Republiky (Tram: 5, 8, 24, 26) - You end up in Old Town and can walk towards the river to go to the astronomical clock
  • METRO Line A: Starom─Ťstsk├í or TRAM stop Starom─Ťstsk├í (Tram: 17, 18) - You end up in Old Town and can walk towards the river to go to the astronomical clock.
    You can also walk along the river to reach (and cross) Charles Bridge and head to Mala Strana.
  • METRO LINE A: Malostransk├ę N├ím─Ťst├ş - You end up in Mala Strana
  • TRAM stop Malostransk├ę N├ím─Ťst├ş (Tram No: 12, 20, 22) - You end up in Mala Strana
    [Walk down towards the river and cross Charles Bridge]

Q: Sightseeing - What *not* to miss?

A: Some overall information and a map of attractions.

There are truly so many things you can see and do in Prague! And don't forget, there is a vivid medieval element from taverns to museums (feel free to explore them!).

Here are some must-see highlights:

  1. Charles Bridge (Karluv Most): connects Old Town region with Mala Strana, offers nice view and artistic interest
  2. Old Town & the astronomical clock: right in the center of old town's square you can find the famous astronomical clock and enjoy its show of figures every hour (exactly on the hour). Right opposite of the clock you can enjoy a hot beverage.
  3. Mala Strana (Lesser Town): a beautiful part of the city. You can enjoy St. Nicholas church (Tram No 12, 20, 22 Stop: Malostransk├ę n├ím─Ťst├ş) and you can also find a couple of souvenir shops with good prices and wide variety of things to buy.
  4. Wenceslas Square (V├íclavsk├ę n├ím─Ťst├ş): A large square connecting metro stations Muzeum & Mustek. In the middle of the square there is also tram service (No 3, 9, 14, 24, 91)
  5. Petrin Hill: Perfect scenery inside the woods. You can go up using the funicular railway (teleferic) go down walking.
  6. Prague Castle & St Vitus Cathedral: if you have some more time to spend, don't miss out on the opportunity to visit the so famous castle and admire the Cathedral of St Vitus!
  7. Vyšehrad, the historical seat of the Czech sovereigns. You can find Prague's oldest surviving building - the Rotunda of St Martin (11th century).
  8. The V├ştkov hill (czech wiki) - unusual view of the city centre (you won't find these on postcards), museum of the history of the Czech state, and one of the largest equestrian statues in the world (currently 3rd - see wiki)
RECOMMENDED: Don't miss a boat trip in Vltava River during day time! Cheapest way is if you buy a ticket in the Charles Museum (which is located underneath Charles Bridge, from the side of Old Town), which offers a free boat ride.

Directions between airport / venue / hotels / center


Instructions can be found in Venue - LinuxDays.

Furthermore, everything regarding the transportation schedules are in website. There is also an android application with transportation, called Pubtran and this is a map with connections to the airoprt

In addition, you will be able to find transportation maps at the airport as well as in train and metro stations. And in case you want to print the map NOW, then HERE YOU ARE!.

There is another Android application that has the same map, called Prague Transit.

In short: From airport take bus 119 and get off at Dejvicka tram/metro stop.

Check below how to get around from there!

Krystal Hotel -> Venue

 Tram 5 or 20 or 26 from Nad D┼żb├ínem -> Dejvick├í

(Apparently these trams go there ONLY in the morning and during peak traffic hours in the afternoon) So if you want to go the hotel at night or non-peak hours in the afternoon you have to:

 Bus 206 from Nad D┼żb├ínem -> Dejvick├í 


 Bus X26 from Nad D┼żb├ínem -> ─îerven├Ż Vrch and Tram 26 or 5 from ─îerven├Ż Vrch -> Dejvick├í 


  Bus 218 from Nad D┼żb├ínem -> ─îerven├Ż Vrch and Bus 119 from ─îerven├Ż Vrch -> Dejvick├í

Diplomat Hotel -> Venue

You walk up to Technická street until you reach Thákurova street.

Carol Hotel -> Venue

Option 1: 
Tram No 8 from Ocelářská (direction: Podbaba) -> Lotyšská
Option 2: 
Tram No 16 from Divadlo Gong (direction: S├şdli┼ít─Ť ┼śepy) -> Palmovka
Tram No 8 from Palmovka (direction: Podbaba) -> Lotyšská
Option 3: 
METRO B from ─îeskomoravsk├íÔÇÄ (direction: Zli─Ź├şn) -> Mustek
METRO A from Mustek (direction: Dejvická) -> Dejvická

Walk up to Technická street until you reach Thákurova street, to get to the venue!

Diplomat or Krystal Hotels -> City Center

Metro A from Dejvická (direction: Depo Hostivař or Skalka) -> Mustek
[You will end up in the Wenceslas Square]
Metro A from Dejvick├í (direction: Depo Hostiva┼Ö or Skalka) -> Starom─Ťstsk├í
[You end up in the Old Town and can visit the astronomical clock]
Metro B from Mustek (direction: Zli─Ź├şn) -> Karlovo N├ím─Ťst├ş
[You end up in New Town (Nove Mesto)]
Tram 20 from Dejvick├í (direction: Sidliste Barrandov) -> Malostransk├ę N├ím─Ťst├ş
[You end up in Mala strana and you can walk Charles Bridge to go to the other side of the river at the Old Town]
Tram 18 from Malostransk├í (direction: Vozovna Pankr├íc) -> Starom─Ťstsk├í
[You end up in Old Town]
Tram 18 from Malostransk├í (direction: Vozovna Pankr├íc) -> N├írodn├ş t┼Ö├şda

[You end up in Wenceslas Square]

Night Operation

  • City center to Dejvick├í or Krystal Hotel
Tram No 53 from Starom─Ťstsk├í (direction: ─Ä├íblice) -> Strossmayerovo n├ím─Ťst├ş
Tram No 51 from Strossmayerovo n├ím─Ťst├ş (direction: Divok├í ┼á├írka) -> Dejvick├í or Nad D┼żb├ínem