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On this page, you can and should add parties that are going to happen on Sunday, 21st of October. These parties are organized by various communities that will meet on our conference and want to have some more fun together.

If you are organizing party for your community while they are going to be in Prague and want to invite more people, add your party here and let's collect an awesome list of parties every participant of the conference can choose from!

Key signing party

When: 13:30 - 14:30

Where: room Scotty

Registration: none needed

Capacity: 80 people

Organizers: Robin H. Johnson & Christian Aistleitner


There will be a keysigning event at the Gentoo miniconf. It will happen on Sunday at 13:30. It will be held at the Gentoo room, unless the number of participants is too high. In this case we will move to the main hall or even out in the street.

There is no central key registry for this keysigning. Instead it will simply be a keyslip exchange.

Who is invited

Everybody is invited.

Special notes

What to bring:

  • Yourself
  • Paper slips with your key id, fingerprint, name & emails.
  • Something to identify yourself. Usually government-issued identification, such as a passport. Multiple pieces of identification are preferred.
  • If you need to make new paper slips, this generator tool is suggested:

At this time, there are 50+ attendees expected at the keysigning event, so you should bring at least that number of slips. Doubling that may be advisable if the event ends up being very large.