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  • Processing historic maps with Gimp PDF



  • Ballistik einer Mittelalterlichen Kriegsmaschine (Numerical simulations using python) PDF (de)


  • Submission Review with Open Build Service (FOSDEM2012) PDF

Video Production

For opensuse conference I will bring together enough trained volunteers and eough gear so that we can record 3 or 4 tracks in parallel. The setup is built around dvswitch

I try to grab a video camera every now and then, and urge some of my colleagues to say a few words. I did this for Hackweek V: opensusetv channel on youtube

Here we explain different setups that we tried and how the encoding is done. The new openSUSE wiki can even embed videos. Cool!

Bug reports, bug reports, bug reports

Since they gave me a Laptop to organize myself better, I also became a Beta-Tester, reporting mostly bugs against that little Lenovo X60s. This is my collector bug for all its issues: bnc#357354

Despite the high number of bugs, it is actually a good choice for running openSUSE. Almost all of the issues are solved to my satisfaction.


Teamlead for

I am also a perl hacker. How I build rpm packages is documented here: openSUSE:Packaging_Perl



Although my team is not responsible for all of the wiki contents, we nevertheless maintain some pages. Everybody can do that, but there are some organizational rules that we adhere to. See below.

Mini-Synopsis as given by Henne:

It is organized and there is a split between the end-user product presentation and documentation. In short:

Product presentation - Main namespace (all pages without prefix)
Problem solutions - Support namespace (SDB: prefix)
Project documents - Project namespace (openSUSE: prefix)
Old stuff (even if you think its new) - Archive namespace (Archive: prefix)

So you just fill in all your pages into the right namespace and then you use the wiki tools Portal, Categories and Navbars to connect them again.


Do you know all the codes in our wiki? No, then go here: Help:Wiki_reference_card

Did you know that Magic Words, Templates and ParserFunctions form a strange programming language? See my Hackweek Template as an example featuring powerful ugliness.

Frank recommends the following readings for newbee wiki users: Help:Editing Help:Style Help:Namespace Help:Template Help:Category


Oh, well. I want a better Wiki search engine.