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  • Code: {{Hack_proj|Hacker&Team|Title|five lines advertisement text|url=...|youtube=...|category=...|status=...|audience=...}}
  • Description: Abstract of a hackweek project. The first three parameters are mandatory: name, title, and summary.
    Other parameters are named parameters and are optional:
    • url: use any references that make sense, FATE, Bugzilla, Blog, Webpage
    • youtube: use the short Zyuejyhghgr name, not the full URL
    • status: use tags like 'planning, concept, alpha, beta, prototype, release, production, dead'
    • audience: specify a target group (self, suse, perl-hackers),
    • category: something like bugfix, feature, invention, experiment, study, fun.
  • Where: openSUSE:Hackweek_V
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