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Moved User:Jnweiger:Wiki_search to User:Jnweiger/Wiki_search as suggested pistazienfresser, and nicely explained why by Rajko. Thanks! (I was just hesitant, as I was slapped for using subpages before.)


some of my talks are listed at User:Jnweiger, Hmm, I'd like to know how to host example code in the wiki. Looks like I am allowed to host pdf and odp, but not tar balls or zipped stuff.

Your talks have to be listed in the same place as any other, otherwise it will be hard to find them. Now I got to find where are SUSE talks. Search is not very helpful . :-) --Rajko m 10:40, 28 July 2010 (UTC)

As far as I know there is no English word "Teamlead" - in particular the English noun "lead" does not make sense regarding a "team" - at least from my point of view - I think it should be "Teamleader" (User:Jsmeix).