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Johannes Meixner

openSUSE build system user 'jsmeix'

SUSE Hack Week user 'jsmeix'

GitHub user 'jsmeix'

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery with Relax-and-Recover (abbreviated ReaR - RPM package 'rear')

Printing System


openSUSE build system "Printing" development project

CUPS (the native CUPS packages cups, cups-libs, cups-client, and cups-ddk but not packages like cups-autoconfig, bluez-cups, libgnomecups,...)

OpenPrinting CUPS filters, backends, and cups-browsed (cups-filters package)

Some optional CUPS backends (cups-backends package)

foomatic-rip filter and beh backend (foomatic-filters package)

Ghostscript (ghostscript and ghostscript-fonts package)

Foomatic PPDs for Ghostscript printer drivers (OpenPrintingPPDs packages)

Gutenprint/Gimp-Print printer driver (gutenprint package)

HP's printing/scanning/faxing system HPLIP (hplip package)

HPCUPS native CUPS driver for HP printers (hplip-hpijs package)

HPIJS Ghostscript driver for HP printers (hplip-hpijs package)

Epson ESC/P-R Inkjet Printer Driver (epson-inkjet-printer-escpr package)

PPDs for PostScript printers (manufacturer-PPDs and OpenPrintingPPDs-postscript package)

No printer drivers for GDI printers, see SDB:GDI Printers

Redesign and implementation of the YaST printer setup module since openSUSE 11.1 (yast2-printer package)

openSUSE Security use cases regarding printing

Open issue reports for the openSUSE Bugzilla component "Printing"

Documentation regarding printing, for example:

Scanning System

SANE scanner drivers and the saned (sane-backends package)

hpaio driver for scanners in HP all-in-one devices (hplip-sane package)

YaST2 scanner setup module (yast2-scanner package)

openSUSE Security use cases regarding scanning

Documentation regarding scanning, for example: