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This page contains essential info for new Advocates.

Dear Advocate!

Welcome to the openSUSE community. We sincerely hope that you enjoy your journey with the geeko and have a lot of fun.

In this page we will try to answer your most basic questions so that you can get comfortable with the openSUSE community quickly.

A brief Description of the openSUSE Project

The openSUSE project is a worldwide effort that promotes the use of Linux everywhere. openSUSE creates one of the world's best Linux distributions, working together in an open, transparent and friendly manner as part of the worldwide Free and Open Source Software community. The openSUSE Project is not limited to the openSUSE Distribution. While the distribution tends to be in the limelight, there are other aspects to the openSUSE Project. A well known example of that is the openSUSE Build Service, also popularly known as OBS. OBS is one of those defining products of our community which promote our ideology of 'Collaboration across Borders'. The OBS is a tool which is based around working together, either within the openSUSE project or with the wider Free Software community. This is how we, as a community are: we work together with others to create better products. So please notice that if we mention openSUSE we mean the whole openSUSE Project, not just the distro ;)

How can you help us as an Advocate?

  • Advertise openSUSE to potential end users
  • Support openSUSE at local events
  • Promote the use of openSUSE and contribute to the openSUSE Project
  • Do not forget to Have a lot of fun!

How can you achieve it? Here are a few ideas from our side

  • Speak a lot of openSUSE whenever it comes to which distro is wonderful
  • Blog regularly about openSUSE in your local language
  • Write articles for local magazines (or translate articles the international team wrote!)
  • Give talks about openSUSE technology at conferences (we have and are working on default presentations to help you do that)
  • Blog regularly about openSUSE in your own language and publish your writings at openSUSE planet (you can use content from and other blogs, translate them for your blog)
  • If you are not in the feed, Send a mail to the admin
  • Try organizing a launch party
  • Organize install fests
  • Help us at our social networking groups on facebook, linked in, follow us at twitter etc
  • SUSE Studio can be a great way to attract crowd however it is neither part of the project nor is it open source. So mention it when talking about openSUSE, show it a bit - it will impress people. But make clear it is a Novell product, not an openSUSE product.
  • Also you may want to explain to people that aren't using openSUSE that we have a great tool for deveplopers called openSUSE Build Service. A great tool for anyone that uses Linux.We are all about open source and helping the Linux Community.
  • Be a part of openSUSE by helping the project, speak and exress your ideas/suggestions with in the community becuase ideas mean a lot.
  • Give suggestions on how to improve usability, accesibilty of the products by emailing the feedback of your favorite products to the openSUSE mailing lists.
  • Create wallpapers, icons, splashscreens etc. and share it with us. We can even add those to the official openSUSE wallpapers collection.


Some resources that should help you

  • Also please join us on Freenode in the #opensuse-marketing Channel. Where we have monthly meeting, and there are ton of people that can help you with questions.
  • There are also several Social Groups that are all great resources.

If you have any problems

  • Send a mail to the Advocate ML and ask there
  • Ask us at irc at #opensuse-marketing
  • Remember, for instant help. IRC and Twitter are your friends but you can also privately mail any of the other Advocates or marketing people
  • Feel free to ask for help or anything at the openSUSE Advocate list,remember that all of us were at your position and that there is no such thing as a 'stupid question'

We are all willing to help you in any way we can!!!!

Please note inactive members maybe removed from the Advocate list at some time

  • So Please send us regular reports of whatever you do at the Advocates list or make your presence felt by joining #opensuse-marketing and contributing to discussions and meetings so we know you are still around
  • Update your user page and keep it upto date, your user page helps others to contact you plus it can be used to express your contribution towards the project, therefore keeping it upto the date is really important.